July 27, 2012

Pioneer Day on Temple Square!

Tuesday was Pioneer Day! I’ve always heard about the pioneers, but honestly, I don’t think I even knew what Pioneer Day was all about before I came on my mission! But it’s a really big deal here in Utah. And we get to explain it to a lot of people who visit Temple Square. So the first company arrived in the Salt Lake valley on the 21st of July, 1847. Brigham Young, who was leading that company, was sick with mountain fever so HE arrived 3 days later on the 24th of July. It was THAT day when he said "This is enough. This is the right place." haha So there you have it. And that is a direct quote. There have been rumors that he wanted to keep going and instead said "If there ever was a hell on earth, this is the place!" hahaha but that is not true!!! Brigham Young saw the Salt Lake basin in a vision before they even got there and knew that it was going to be the place where they could build the kingdom of God again on the earth. It is so incredible, the history of this Church. Honestly, study it if you haven't.
Summer is so different! We are having a hard time finding new investigators on the phones because we rarely have time to call anyone. We are spending all our time, and doing everything we can to teach and testify on Temple Square. Which we do a lot since we have 9 hours of Square everyday haha. I am looking forward to walking around all day but also being able to sit down every once and a while for a lesson at someone’s house when I go outbound haha, because right now we walk and talk all day long! So busy! Luckily we meet really great members here. One in particular, his name is Brennan and he served in the Baltimore Mission and got home recently but he is giving me people to call that he used to teach during his mission! Those are my favorite people to call. People who used to be learning and progressing and then lost interest and have became former investigators. I think because usually they have a big underlying concern. And I LOVE talking to those people and working through the concerns they have. Anyways we are so grateful for those members who lead us to those investigators. Even Rique Carroll, who served in Italy, gives my companion people to call!
A lot of people need evidence of things. I just read Hebrews 11:1 the other day and am looking forward to sharing it with those people.
Tomorrow will be fun! We are having a Temple Square Mission GIRLS CAMP! More news on that next week.
Sister Jarvie

The Temple and Tabernacle around 1870
Can't Believe I Serve My Mission Here!

July 20, 2012

Together with Sister Au-Yeung Again!!!

My awesome sisters!

Well we had transfers this week and I am still with Sister Di Liberto, as I'll still be training her until next transfer. And my pday is Friday instead of Saturday, as you can see! We will not be in Extended Zone anymore :(...Extended is the Zone that has the AP's, OA's, Guest Services, West Gate, Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square!! So sad! I will really miss spending time on Welfare Square this transfer! Now we are in South 1 zone. Sister Au-Yeung is my Zone leader!! Yayay! (She was my trainer when I first got to Temple Square!  She just returned from her outbound). This will be so different than all of my transfers because there are days that we have what I call "Eternal Square". We will literally be on the square from 1-9pm most days of the week.... Wow. One more transfer of summer schedule!! I can’t believe that next transfer will be General Conference transfer already! That is so exciting!!  If I don’t go outbound on my next transfer day, August 29th, I will be on the square when Lauren Call comes from the MTC to train!!  Then I could go outbound for the two transfers after that, and come back for two transfers and the mission is over!!!  So crazy---it’s flying!!

We had a miracle yesterday. We were at the desk and a bunch of really awesome hippies walked in. One of them was talking to me for a while and he wants to learn more!! Anyways, he was just a happy person. Optimistic and bright! I guess I would identify it with the Light of Christ. This person can feel the Spirit and it increases their faith, which leads them to act nice and be happy. We saw them again later and they had more questions for us. It is neat to meet people who are simple. That is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. It’s simple. It’s natural. It makes sense. Anyways, I am excited to talk to him again.  I love the people who come to Temple Square with sincere hearts—the Lord can work miracles with them!!

Anyways, great week, I love being a missionary!


sister jarv
Sister Au-Yeung--My Trainer when I started-
Now my Zone Leader!

July 14, 2012

Another Transfer Already!!

Birthday Dinner with the candles Mom sent

This is the last week of the transfer! I have no idea how that happened but now I will be in my 7th transfer here at Temple Square. President Gillette told me that I'm not going outbound this coming transfer. So maybe in my 8th or 9th transfer I will go!! I can't wait to go. I am getting really excited.

We have been continuing to teach one of our investigators! This week it has been all about the Plan of Salvation. This one is fun because we don't get the chance to teach it much, and it’s so fun to teach. The elders in the investigator’s area usually take over teaching before we get to it. It is great to teach about it. I love it.

I hope I can serve at Welfare Square again next transfer! I love that place!

Last Pday was so fun!!!! We wanted to do something different so we went bowling! I am still so horrible at bowling, I guess some things just don't change… But it was still so fun.
Well, off for another P-Day adventure!!!
Until next week...
Sister Jarvie
Check out our bowling shoes!

July 7, 2012

God Bless America!!!

A visit from President Nelson of my home stake!
The fourth of July was so fun! We finished on the Square at 8pm to start off our party! First we ate dinner, and then we all went up to the 26th floor of the Church Office Building to watch fireworks!! But first they put on a kind of musical program. President Gillette tried to teach us how to lead music (not gonna happen...), it was so cute! And then after some singing and July birthday recognition, we turned off the lights and found a place to look through the windows. Sister Di Liberto and I have become best friends with Sister Kemp and Sister K. Kim this transfer so we went into the less crowded and more peaceful room. It was so amazing!! We could probably see about 20 different fireworks shows going around all of Salt Lake City!! I have never seen so many fireworks in my whole life! I was thinking about how I didn't see any fireworks last year because I was a counselor at EFY. It was so worth it though. Oh, and President Gillette said I can start my application for EFY while still on my mission. I can't wait to work there again!

Thank you so much for all of the birthday love! SISTER KEMP AND SISTER KIM totally decorated my room on Tuesday night!! We walked into our apt after the day and I totally screamed! I was so surprised! Sister Wong gave me a 12-pack of Diet Coke. My zone leaders bought me a Diet Coke and Raspberry muffin top from Nauvoo Cafe. There were sooooo many nice things all the sisters did.
I love this mission.
It is really wonderful, the opportunity I have had on my mission to meet LDS girls that are so awesome! Everyone I have met here is so humble and they try so hard to live by the example of Jesus Christ. The sisters at Temple Square are from all over the world, but whether they come from an affluent part of the world or an island in the middle of the sea, they love the Lord and are completely dedicated to serving Him. They have such loving hearts and they use that love to lift the people they are serving and teaching. They are ever devoted to serving the Lord, building up His kingdom, and they are full of charity, the pure love of Christ. I think it is being a part of this mission and seeing this charity in action 24/7 that I will miss most when I go back to life in the real world. Anyways, I am so grateful for this precious time. I have learned so much already and I still have half way to go! I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity and the wonderful blessings I have received serving in this mission!!! I am an eternal member of a celestial sorority of Temple Square sister missionaries, and I am so very humbled and grateful…
Peace and Blessings
Sister Jarvie
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