March 26, 2012

Getting Ready for General Conference This Weekend!

Hello!! So on Thursday President Gillette wanted us to wash his car. Since we are Fleet, we wash and gas up his car every week. But it was THURSDAY around noon! When we were done we parked his car and noticed that there was a security guard standing by the door to go into the building. We walked past him and went inside... Sister Hinton was like, "Wait.... There is a security guard there, and it's Thursday...At noon..." That meant that the First Presidency was about to pass by on their way back from the temple! So we turned around and struck up a conversation with the guard, then went back to President’s car. We were standing there pretending to be doing stuff and suddenly they zipped by in a golf cart!!! We saw them pass by and straight into the building. Security is so high here, so I am glad we got a chance to see them! It was so fun to see them!! We were so excited!!
The new mall next to Temple Square opened this week! It was super busy all weekend and brought a lot of people onto Temple Square too! We went on Thursday, opening day, to look around. It was nuts. Everything was super crowded. Anyways, it is a pretty sweet deal for all us missionaries because it is literally right across the street. It will save us so much time on p-days because we won't really have to drive anywhere. Especially because of the Harmon’s grocery store that's there too.
Friday was great. President Gillette wanted Sister Hinton and I to do some sisters a favor. We took Sister Semedo (Angola) and her companion, Sister Domnic (India) to get her patriarchial blessing! We went to Brother Oscar McConkie's house, who is Bruce R. McConkie's brother! So cool. I didn't know it until we left though, ahah. Anyways, he and his wife were so nice! It was a weird feeling to be inside a home. We hadn't been in a home for almost 6 months. Sister Domnic wanted all of us to stay to hear her blessing, so that was a really great experience. They were super nice and had the coolest home ever. He presided over a few different missions in Arizona a while ago, so they had a bunch of Native American stuff.
Saturday was the Young Women’s General Broadcast. It was so awesome to see so many young, faithful girls in all their fun colors. A guy came up to me and asked why there are so many girls in dresses here. Ha. I was talking to him and it turns out he is an atheist but after some conversation he agreed to have Sister Hinton and I email him!
Then I saw Bryce Spears!!! He is seriously the best. Once long ago he was a service elder here at Temple Square. He just brightens my day all the time. I think this is the 5th time I've talked with him. But I told Sister Hinton she HAD to meet him. So we were talking to him for a while. He had just gotten out of the temple (the usual) and said he was going to go home and write in his journal all the things he learned in the temple that day. Fav quote from the conversation: "I know that because I am now a friend of Sister Hinton, I am a friend of the Kingdom of God". He is so enlightened.

We are all getting ready for General Conference this weekend! Some of the sisters here joke that it is called Missionary Prom! HA!

Anyways, it will be a really awesome week!

Love you all

Sister Jarvie
Sister Hinton and Sister Jarvie

March 19, 2012

I'm back!!!

Sister Tizhanina (Russia) and Sister Jarvie
I'm back!!! Well it’s been almost two weeks since I could write because at transfer my p-day got changed to Monday! What a week! General Conference is coming up and the whole mission has started getting ready for it! We have started getting pretty busy here. Especially my last day at the Beehive House! We had a bunch of tours come into the house. They were all from Texas and trying to argue with us about the Church. Anyways, we have low tolerance for that stuff so security kept coming back and forth to the Beehive and telling people if they came back they could be arrested for trespassing. It was very interesting to say the least. Everyone says that during spring break they all come here to tell us "Not to get involved" with the Church or something. Pretty hilarious but entertaining for sure! So it was an awesome last day in the Beehive. It was the first time I ever had to say, "You can leave now!" while pointing at the door...before speed dialing security. haha
Well, Wednesday March 14th brought a new 6 week life for me. I am with Sister Hinton from Glendale Arizona! She was a math tutor at BYU before coming on her mission! Sometimes we like to talk about quadratic equations ( I think about how much I miss Carrie Stephens and David Lowery at those times!) But mostly because transfer day was Pi DAY! 3.14! So Sister Hinton made a Pi pie! Our assignment is Fleet. (All Temple Square RM's are laughing I bet...) Which means, we are in charge of all of the cars, who takes them and when, but most especially we have to coordinate transportation on transfer day. Which is nuts already! So on transfer day (last Wednesday) we were up at 4am until 1:30am the next day taking care of all the sisters who were leaving to go home or outbound and those who returned from their outbound. We had a very busy day. But totally fun of course! The best part is that the next day we got to sleep...ALL DAY. We didn't do anything. It was awesome. It was like p-day to the max. Fleet is great though, we have plenty of responsibilities and nothing bad has happened to any of the cars yet so we’re happy!
The Gillette's 50th wedding anniversary was on the 16th so the next day they called the mission together to have a kind of party! We got to watch the CUTEST video all about their love story from the time they were both still in high school. So cute! I love them, they are so great! (Note: President Gillette presided over the Boston Massachusetts Mission when Amy Owen (daughter of Doug and Karen) and Liz Stayner (daughter of Dave and Susan) served their missions there!)
That afternoon we went to a BAPTISM! The Seebauer family in South Jordan got baptized. Some other sisters here had taken them on an Elders tour. (It means that missionaries in the SLC or SLC South mission bring their investigators here for a tour of T2). So when they planned the baptism they invited those sisters and we got to go too. There were 5 of them who got baptized, a whole family. And the littlest girl Bailey was so cute. She was so nervous. It was great to see how much faith they had.

I already miss my old zone and the sisters who went home this transfer! Sister ANASTASIA Tizhanina I <3 you!

Well it was a great week! Hope everyone is getting excited for conference!

Love you!
Sister Jarvie

Our new mission president--
President and Sister Gillette, Temple Square Mission

David Lind Gillette, 74, and Doris Anita Price Gillette, five children, Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission; Monument Park 17th Ward, Salt Lake Monument Park North Stake. Brother Gillette is a former president of the Massachusetts Boston Mission, counselor in the Provo MTC presidency, high councilor, bishop, counselor in a bishopric, high priest group leader and ward Young Men president. Retired attorney/land developer, Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy. Born in Pasadena, Calif., to Samuel Lindberg and Zelpha Ursula Gillette.
Sister Gillette served with her husband in the Massachusetts Boston Mission and is a former counselor in stake Relief Society and Primary presidencies, stake activities committee chair, ward Young Women president, and counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency. Born in Ogden, Utah, to Harold Harmon and Hazel Ruth Price. (LDS Church News)

March 7, 2012

Well, What a Great Week

Sister Tizhanina of Russia, Sister Jarvie,
and Sister Mauga of Samoa
Well, what a great week. Last Wednesday we had a Zone Activity! We went to a resturaunt called Pacific Seas. Such good polynesian food! It is owned by a Tongan man and his wife. They cooked tons of food for us and had it all ready when we got there. I haven't had that food since Tui Talataina's funeral. It was so good and it made me miss the whole Talataina family and the Fuga family! Especially since Mila taught me how to make the egg rolls! <3 Anyways, it was awesome. They gave us all the food for free too.
One of our investigators went to sacrament meeting on Sunday. YES! President Holmes once said, "Be obsessed with church attendance". I honestly am. It took her a long time to go.
So Monday was a VERY interesting day. We were at the Beehive house from 1 until 9. But we had a really cool tour. A young man came into the house. He looked kind of nervous or something. Anyways, in Brigham Young’s office I noticed he was very familiar with Brigham Young. So I asked what religion he is. He said timidly, "Well, I used to be a part of the FLDS." WOW! So cool, he left his community or something and came up here to live with his mother’s kids, who are his siblings. He was probably 18, and so nice. He said he wants to learn about the real Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is living with a Mormon family and will go to church with them on Sunday. He didn't have a phone number or email yet so we told him to come back. We also gave him our number. I hope he calls!! We couldn't stop thinking about him all day. Poor guy.
Yesterday was sweet! On the way back to the Square from the Beehive, we met the Prince of Tonga! There was a little group taking photos of him and a lady stopped us to ask how much the Roof costs to eat at. We didn't know. “We are poor sorry,” we told them. But it was great, we said Malo Lele? “Hello” in Tongan. And then left. So awesome!
We had a huge mission meeting this morning to get ready for General Conference. So excited! See you all there.
Have a great week!
Love you!
Sister Jarvie
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