October 21, 2013


I forgot about this blog! But I have gotten a lot of questions from you about clothing allowed at Temple Square. This is a hard one because I keep hearing that the rules change. If you leave a comment with your questions, I will do the best I can to answer them.
Also, I have a board on my Pinterest of cute clothes that I would have worn on my mission.
Hope this helps!

Sister Missionary Style


April 13, 2013

My Passion for Modest Skirts is Alive and Well.

I'm back in real life! Things are going great and  am looking forward to starting school this Spring. I know that there are a lot more sister missionaries preparing to serve! I am no professional by any means but please feel free to contact me with any question you might have. It is hard to find attractive and affordable missionary clothes, I know! I'd like to share my favorite website that I found a lot of clothes from before I left.

Love, Lauren

March 21, 2013

Home Again!

Just before getting released

March 14, 2013

Signing Off From Temple Square

To Sister Call in Independence, MO--Carry On, Carry On, Carry On!
It is hard to believe that this is the last email I'm writing to all of you as a full-time missionary. So many thoughts are going through my mind about my experiences over the last year and a half but I don't know how to make sense of it all in one short summary.
I have been thinking lately about what I have learned here. So, so much. I have come to the conclusion that the thing I have gained the deepest understanding of is charity, the pure love of Christ.  I have come to know and love so many people.  The people who call the Church hotline number, people who chat with us online, people who walk onto Temple Square, and of course the incredible people in Colorado where I served my outbound. The testimony that’s in my heart has reached all over the globe, from one tiny 10 acre square that is my mission. There are a lot of misinformed members out there who think serving at Temple Square would be easy or that we don't do "real" missionary work. But in what other mission could I have the experience of teaching someone in Hong Kong by telephone or computer while an investigator I taught is getting baptized in the Bahamas on the same day?
Temple Square is a sacred and wonderful place; I love it here and I have loved my time serving as a full-time missionary for the Lord. It will always feel like home... The next phase of my life awaits me and now after serving a mission I feel I’m actually prepared for it all! I can't imagine getting married and having a family without knowing what I do now after a year and a half of the refining experiences that the Lord has put me through. I am so thankful for all of the things I've learned here. And I'm so excited to be back in real life again; it's gonna be crazy!
Well, there is some sort of a Temple Square sister missionary talent show here on Friday night at the assembly hall. We have been practicing at 7:30 in the morning this week how to walk with a flag, how and when to wave it...
...I'm learning Patience.
Anyways, I will see you next week!
Love and please CTR,
Sister Jarvie
Signing off for the last time from Temple Square
Sister Lauren Jarvie
Temple Square Mission
50 N. West Temple St. Rm. BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150
A visit from my "big sis" Malia Tarayao Johnson

March 6, 2013

Moving Forward!

A visit from the Owens and Joneses
I got the best news this week! LISA AND CAITLYN got baptized! They are a mother and daughter we taught in Colorado. I called Lisa on Saturday to check on her and see how she was doing and she told me they got baptized 3 weeks ago! I was so happy for them! Brother Keicher said that they're doing great and so is the Perez family. It is so different to be at Temple Square and try to keep in contact with them. I am so happy that they are all doing great, I love CO! I can't wait to go back and visit after my mission. When I told Brother Keicher that I got into BYU he was like "ohhhhhh I'm so sorry!" hahah He hates BYU because he is a big Utah State guy. He's so funny.
Sister Cardita and I have a lot of the same past experiences. It helps us a lot in teaching because we are super unified. We seriously have so much in common and it’s so fun to teach people with her. We have been helping someone recently who I think we are really getting through to and it seems like he is ready to make permanent life changes for the better, which is awesome! He will be so blessed if he does.
I am so excited to be able to connect with all the people I have helped throughout my mission on Facebook once I’m released!
I have been able to take some time this past week and get all registered for my classes at BYU; it’s getting closer and closer!
Things are moving forward!
Sister Jarvie
Sister Lauren Jarvie
Temple Square Mission
50 N. West Temple St. Rm. BSVC
Salt Lake City, Ut 84150
Temple Square Security and Me...

February 27, 2013

Things Are Wrapping Up Around Here

Sister Rodrigues Pinto, Sister Di Liberto, Sister Jarvie
Lauren trained Sister Di Liberto, Sister Di Liberto trained Sister Rodrigues Pinto!
Monday we had what is called the "Finish Strong" meeting for the sisters who are in their last transfer. It was really good and pretty much all about not fizzling off towards the end of your mission. It is so hard to stay concentrated. I figure the reason behind that stems from the time of year I am finishing my mission. This month and last month have been stressful because of applying both to BYU and as a counselor at EFY during the summer. It has been a major distraction! But President said that if we know what we are going to do after, start the process, because life will keep moving along. Today I found out that I got accepted to BYU! And last week I was hired to work EFY during the first half of the summer. Now at last, everything is all put together and I can FINISH STRONG!
Sister Cardita is so hilarious! We have so much in common and will say the same thing at the same time occasionally. Yesterday, after eating lunch at the COB, we almost got run over by Elder Quentin L. Cook!!! Today security told us he is a fast driver, and that is true, I'm a witness.
West Gate is still treating us well. Especially the past week, it has snowed a few days!
Sister Cardita is almost done with her mission too, she is in her 11th transfer, so we have a lot of fun. Both of us have had a lot of encounters with crazy/weird/creepy people during our missions so we've been talking with security a lot lately! But I will tell all those stories when I get home haha!
I saw an old friend of mine by the temple this week! He said him and his friend were going to the temple for the last session of the night. It was so cool, Im so proud of him. He had good news about a few of my friends back home and it really made my day. We are all fighting our own battles in life, to help us grow stronger. There is a great story in the Ensign this month that tells of a woman who struggled with a serious drug addiction, now 15 years later or something, nobody would have ever guessed she had gone through that. I pray that all the people I know who struggle with that can be like that woman one day. The Atonement covers e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The Atonement is real she said. I have witnessed it myself that's for sure, the odds are in our favor.
Sister Jarvie
Hangin' with the Mission Presidency
Sisters Forever!

February 20, 2013

One Month to Go!

Sister Fredrickson and me
So this final transfer I have three assignments that are keeping me super busy. I'm still a district leader, I'm still assigned to west gate of Temple Square, and now I'm the TMSQ Blogger. Wow, I am on an emotional roller coaster with my release one month from today! But so busy that I don't have time to write today! I've sent a few pictures, so enjoy! Oh, and great news! I got three contract offers to work all three sessions at EFY in Santa Barbara this summer! It will start one week after my spring term at BYU ends! I'm so excited! I have to get back to them right now during my email time to accept the offers. 
I'll be back next week, but I have to run now!
Love you
Sister Jarvie
Visit from the Stayners!