September 4, 2011

I Got My Call!

On Friday August 26th my mission call finally came in the mail. Anyone who have been waiting for their call day after day understands how nerve racking it is! And when it finally did come, I was more nervous slash excited than I was before.
I decided that I would open it that night at San Onofre Beach. Which is where my family has been going to surf on Friday nights since before I was born (so tender). 

When we got down there mom set up a special little spot 
for me to sit to open my call. It was so cool sit there with friends and family while I am nervously tearing the envelope... Regardless... I managed to open the thing
and skipped right down to You are called to serve in the 
Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission! 
Then, for the sake of my spectators, I had to back up and pull it together so I could read it out loud! (Must have been the hardest part to not cry ha). It was such a relief to finally know where I am going. I could not be more excited to go on my mission there and I can't wait to get started...Which will be October 12th!

LOVE, Future Sister Jarvie