July 27, 2012

Pioneer Day on Temple Square!

Tuesday was Pioneer Day! I’ve always heard about the pioneers, but honestly, I don’t think I even knew what Pioneer Day was all about before I came on my mission! But it’s a really big deal here in Utah. And we get to explain it to a lot of people who visit Temple Square. So the first company arrived in the Salt Lake valley on the 21st of July, 1847. Brigham Young, who was leading that company, was sick with mountain fever so HE arrived 3 days later on the 24th of July. It was THAT day when he said "This is enough. This is the right place." haha So there you have it. And that is a direct quote. There have been rumors that he wanted to keep going and instead said "If there ever was a hell on earth, this is the place!" hahaha but that is not true!!! Brigham Young saw the Salt Lake basin in a vision before they even got there and knew that it was going to be the place where they could build the kingdom of God again on the earth. It is so incredible, the history of this Church. Honestly, study it if you haven't.
Summer is so different! We are having a hard time finding new investigators on the phones because we rarely have time to call anyone. We are spending all our time, and doing everything we can to teach and testify on Temple Square. Which we do a lot since we have 9 hours of Square everyday haha. I am looking forward to walking around all day but also being able to sit down every once and a while for a lesson at someone’s house when I go outbound haha, because right now we walk and talk all day long! So busy! Luckily we meet really great members here. One in particular, his name is Brennan and he served in the Baltimore Mission and got home recently but he is giving me people to call that he used to teach during his mission! Those are my favorite people to call. People who used to be learning and progressing and then lost interest and have became former investigators. I think because usually they have a big underlying concern. And I LOVE talking to those people and working through the concerns they have. Anyways we are so grateful for those members who lead us to those investigators. Even Rique Carroll, who served in Italy, gives my companion people to call!
A lot of people need evidence of things. I just read Hebrews 11:1 the other day and am looking forward to sharing it with those people.
Tomorrow will be fun! We are having a Temple Square Mission GIRLS CAMP! More news on that next week.
Sister Jarvie

The Temple and Tabernacle around 1870
Can't Believe I Serve My Mission Here!

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