January 30, 2013

Crazy Weather!

Sister Hoyt, Rique Carroll, Sister Jarvie
We've had a lot of crazy weather this week! On Thursday Salt Lake had FREEZING RAIN! Not just regular cold rain. The rain would freeze as soon as it hit the ground! Everything was covered in sheets of ice and people were slipping and sliding everywhere! The Square closed that day. So we all had to go home! I was kind of bummed because I like to just keep going and our pday had been the day before. I was mostly studying all day and doing my nails!
On Saturday we were just about to leave West Gate and RIQUE and Taylor come walking up! Taylor is my companion’s cousin; it was so good to see them. We took them around Temple Square and caught up for a while. Rique is so cute, she made me a bunch of note cards and envelopes! I love them! Thank you so much Riq!
Sunday it snowed SO MUCH! We had so much fun playing in the snow! Also there were a bunch of cars getting stuck in the snow. So a group of us went out to the street on North Temple to help push these cars out of the snow! It was so crazy! You should have seen us all pushing behind these cars! We had so much fun and it was so great to help people! I took some pictures. Anyways, I think I might have fractured one of my fingers, haha. Typing is a little painful right now. Not too many visitors to the Square in this weather but lots of contacting and teaching on the phone and web. So fun!

Sister Jarvie

January 23, 2013

He Sendeth An Invitation Unto All!

Sister Hoyt, Sister Jarvie and Matt Clayton
Sneaking a picture 
 There’s not much time to write today, but I do have two things to say. First, President Seppi is the man! He is in our mission presidency. He is so kind and really follows the promptings of the Spirit. We had an incident at West Gate on Saturday. This man who just got out of jail came to our booth and was asking us for the phone number of a transient bishop so he could get some help. I told him to go stand by the heater while I tried to find his number. The problem was that it was Saturday, so no one was available in the Church Office to help. So I called President Seppi because he always knows what to do. Anyways, we were both calling around to find someone to help this man. Nothing was working. So President Seppi drove all the way up here to Temple Square! He met with the man and he ended up getting some help for him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized! He came back to the square the other day to thank me and Sister Hoyt. He will be moving to CA now so I hope he gets baptized. He took the missionary lessons in jail! Moral of the story...Alma 5:33—“Behold, he sendeth an invitation unto all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them, and he saith: Repent, and I will receive you.”
Second, Elder L. Whitney Clayton came to speak to us on Sunday! It wasn't a surprise though because President Gillette had told me months ago, before I even went outbound! The Gillette’s and the Clayton’s are in the same ward, and President Gillette knew that Matt and I are friends. It was so great to hear from them! Matt came with them and we had made plans to sit with him! It was like summers of old! Anyways, the messages were so inspiring. I was hanging on to every word. It was exactly what I needed to hear!
Other than that, those of us going home in 8 weeks are taking care of BYU admissions business because everything is due by February 1st.  And some sisters in my class say their parents have already received the flight information for March 20th.  It’s hard to believe!
Well I hope everyone is having a good week!
Sister Jarvie

January 16, 2013

I couldn't feel any more blessed!

I took Eddie Perez on a Temple Square tour!
The best thing happened last night! Eddie Perez came to Temple Square! It was awesome. We showed him the temple model and the sealing room video. We told him about how that's where they will be next year as a family, after they’ve been baptized for one year!
Then we took him over to the North Visitors center to see the Christus and then "God's Plan for His Family" video presentation. Right when it finished he said “this was great, Yza would totally be crying right now.” Hahah!
After a nice look at Temple Square we took him over to look around Deseret Book. It was so fun to show him all the little things the Church has to help families invite the Spirit more into their home. So we looked around there for a few minutes and he got a couple little things. Don't worry, we got a picture!
It is so incredible to see someone who I taught and challenged to be baptized barely over a month ago come to TEMPLE SQUARE and buy CTR stuff at Deseret Book! It gives me a whole new perspective on the guests we have here every day. Eddie came here during the time I was in Colorado too, before being baptized. And the sisters took him around. Just think, that could be ANYONE we meet here at Temple Square. Every single one is a potential “Eddie!” We might not ever know in this life what kind of effect we have on people. I testify even the smallest act of goodness will make an impression on people. We all have a responsibility to plant those seeds. The Lord has taught us that “the field is white already to harvest.” That means that if we do our part: be loving, be good examples, and be bold with our testimonies, those whose hearts the Lord has prepared WILL come unto Him!
The Perez family is coming to Utah for General Conference this April!!!! I'm so happy that I will be done with my mission by then because I will have more freedom to spend time with them haha!
Man, I had no idea this would all happen from that first time we simply went to Yza's door and gave her a Book of Mormon. It's INCREDIBLE! I couldn't feel any more blessed!
Another blessing came last Friday! We were ordered to close Temple Square because of all the snow! So everything Church owned totally shut down! All that we were allowed to do was go back to our apartment building and hang out! It was so fun!
Well, other than that we are just trying to stay warm!
Stay happy and CTR!
Sister Jarvie

From Sister Gillette, the Mission President's wife

January 9, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Sister Jarvie and Sister Fredrickson, reunited!
I have already been back here for a week! It feels like forever ago that I was helping Alyssa Perez get ready for the New Years dance but I also feel like I just got here.
It was amazing coming back. I had a direct flight from Colorado Springs this time, and when I arrived at Salt Lake City Airport Sister Fredrickson was waiting at the bottom of the escalator for me! It was so fun, we totally hugged and cried!
So I am serving at West Gate this transfer!!! Woooo!!! I seriously have always wanted to serve there. Jenna Mettra served there for 3 transfers! I am so excited! West Gate is literally at the ‘west gate’ of Temple Square. It is where the motor coaches arrive and where the language tours are arranged. It can be really fast-paced and busy and stressful at times--that’s what I love about it! I am a district leader again and my new companion is Sister Hoyt from Murrieta, California.
So it has also been a little strange being back because I don't know so many of the new sisters! There are well over 30 sisters that I knew who are outbound now, and so many that have come in from the MTC, and so many that have gone home!  Things change pretty fast when you are off the square for two transfers! It feels so different. But it is so nice to be able to teach regularly again. Even though the square isn't busy at all (it's actually always kind of dead) this time of year, we still get access to a lot of finding through the phone and online. And I am already starting to see success! I love finding and teaching!
All of us that just came back from outbound are struggling getting back into the old grind! hahha I haven't had a time to do studies ALL WEEK because we have had early morning meetings haha We are so tired!
Anyways, it is so so good to be back!
Have a good week!
Sister Jarvie
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