July 20, 2012

Together with Sister Au-Yeung Again!!!

My awesome sisters!

Well we had transfers this week and I am still with Sister Di Liberto, as I'll still be training her until next transfer. And my pday is Friday instead of Saturday, as you can see! We will not be in Extended Zone anymore :(...Extended is the Zone that has the AP's, OA's, Guest Services, West Gate, Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square!! So sad! I will really miss spending time on Welfare Square this transfer! Now we are in South 1 zone. Sister Au-Yeung is my Zone leader!! Yayay! (She was my trainer when I first got to Temple Square!  She just returned from her outbound). This will be so different than all of my transfers because there are days that we have what I call "Eternal Square". We will literally be on the square from 1-9pm most days of the week.... Wow. One more transfer of summer schedule!! I can’t believe that next transfer will be General Conference transfer already! That is so exciting!!  If I don’t go outbound on my next transfer day, August 29th, I will be on the square when Lauren Call comes from the MTC to train!!  Then I could go outbound for the two transfers after that, and come back for two transfers and the mission is over!!!  So crazy---it’s flying!!

We had a miracle yesterday. We were at the desk and a bunch of really awesome hippies walked in. One of them was talking to me for a while and he wants to learn more!! Anyways, he was just a happy person. Optimistic and bright! I guess I would identify it with the Light of Christ. This person can feel the Spirit and it increases their faith, which leads them to act nice and be happy. We saw them again later and they had more questions for us. It is neat to meet people who are simple. That is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. It’s simple. It’s natural. It makes sense. Anyways, I am excited to talk to him again.  I love the people who come to Temple Square with sincere hearts—the Lord can work miracles with them!!

Anyways, great week, I love being a missionary!


sister jarv
Sister Au-Yeung--My Trainer when I started-
Now my Zone Leader!

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