February 14, 2013

Beginning My Final Transfer!

With Sister Dalton to film a video
A few of us had a really neat opportunity on Friday to be part of a filming at the Conference Center! The video will be used for a Youth Conference for the Middle East and Northern Africa Areas of the church. The youth in those areas had sent in questions for a question and answer portion that will be shown after they watch the devotional. So we acted as the youth and asked their questions to the General Young Women's President, Elaine S. Dalton, and two other General Authorities! It was awesome! There were about 6 companionships of us there and we were all told to come looking our best for the camera! It was so cool!! Afterwards we got to spend a while with Sister Dalton. We told her about what we do on Temple Square and she seemed so impressed. I asked her about the Young Women's values ribbons and she said we could still do it! Later that day, my companion and I got to West Gate at 3pm and Sister Dalton's secretary came to talk to us! She had put together a few of each ribbon and the virtue value booklets! Enough for each of us! I cannot express how great that was! I felt so special that she had remembered me and all the rest of the Sisters! I am so thankful for that opportunity to meet her and that she could help us continue with our personal progress! She is the best I just love her!

Well it was my "last transfer conference that really meant anything." At least that's what one of the sisters said, haha! Because when we have the next transfer conference I will be transferring home instead of to a new assignment on Temple Square! So this transfer I get to stay at West Gate and my new companion is Sister Cardita!! I'm so excited! She's coming back from outbound today so she's not here yet; she'll get here at 2pm! It's gonna be so fun!
So Monday was when we had transfer conference. We all went to the Conference Center Theater to hear Michael McLean play the piano and sing to us! He was so funny! He is so creative. He will start a story and then play the piano while he tells the rest. It was so awesome! We didn't need a PEZ dispenser for this one (haha Seinfeld). It was a fun night.

I spoke at Church on Sunday in our little Temple Square missionary ward. We have our church service early in the morning each Sunday in the mezzanine chapel of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Each of us gives a sacrament talk before the end of our mission here. Lucky for me, I could get that done last week and not have to worry about it this transfer.

Sister Fredrickson left for outbound to SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA! She is going to love it! I will try so hard to go up there when I get home and take her and her companion to dinner or something!

Oh this is funny, so I have an added assignment this transfer... I am the first Temple Square Blogger. Sister Gillette (President Gillette's wife) has been keeping a blog but now I think I am going to do it. So we'll see how that goes; I don't know a thing about it yet! haha
Sister Jarvie
Mom's Missionary Countdown Calendar

My new companion Sister Cardita!

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