January 30, 2013

Crazy Weather!

Sister Hoyt, Rique Carroll, Sister Jarvie
We've had a lot of crazy weather this week! On Thursday Salt Lake had FREEZING RAIN! Not just regular cold rain. The rain would freeze as soon as it hit the ground! Everything was covered in sheets of ice and people were slipping and sliding everywhere! The Square closed that day. So we all had to go home! I was kind of bummed because I like to just keep going and our pday had been the day before. I was mostly studying all day and doing my nails!
On Saturday we were just about to leave West Gate and RIQUE and Taylor come walking up! Taylor is my companion’s cousin; it was so good to see them. We took them around Temple Square and caught up for a while. Rique is so cute, she made me a bunch of note cards and envelopes! I love them! Thank you so much Riq!
Sunday it snowed SO MUCH! We had so much fun playing in the snow! Also there were a bunch of cars getting stuck in the snow. So a group of us went out to the street on North Temple to help push these cars out of the snow! It was so crazy! You should have seen us all pushing behind these cars! We had so much fun and it was so great to help people! I took some pictures. Anyways, I think I might have fractured one of my fingers, haha. Typing is a little painful right now. Not too many visitors to the Square in this weather but lots of contacting and teaching on the phone and web. So fun!

Sister Jarvie

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