October 22, 2012

I Love it Here in Parker!

Me and Sister Nawrocki
Not too much happened this week because almost everyone we tried to see was gone for Fall Break! But we did get to teach some great lessons. The teaching aspect of this mission compared with Temple Square isn't different at all. I MISS NON-STOP TEACHING! We do not teach nearly as much here as we did at Temple Square. I miss that so much! It is kind of nice to have a little vacation from the intensity of the work though. I find myself actually having time to write in my journal and have free time to read the scriptures!! Members feed us every night and we drive around in a car. I feel like I’m getting spoiled and it will be hard to go back to the old grind, but I miss it and I am so happy I will still have 3 months left at Temple Square before my mission ends!

On Saturday Sister Nawrocki got a migraine so the past couple of days we have been trying to help her rest. I bought something called a Smashbook; it's a lot like a scrapbook. So I will put everything in there about my outbound experience.

This weekend we had Stake Conference. Brother Theiss spoke (the Stake Patriarch) about how hard mothers work to get all of their young children to church every Sunday morning. And that he was proud they were still active in the Church!! hahah Man, he is so funny up there speaking! Then he talked about an acronym he came up with for sacrament meeting...





He said that the PAPA didn’t mean anything but it just worked out that way so he went with it! Haha. Something else that’s cool is that the President of GeoCaching in Colorado is in the Singles Ward here!!!

The next day there was a broadcast from SLC as our Stake Conference. Most of it was pretty much focused on the Youth. Now with the new age for missionaries, homes, quorums and classes should become missionary training centers!

Tad R. Callister spoke on prayer, and that out of all the titles we can obtain in the world, Mother or Father is the ultimate title.

Teach our children how to pray:

1-  With intensity for things of eternal purpose. The Divine output will be matched with personal input.

2- Pray for an eternal companion! haha Do everything in our ability to obtain an answer from our prayers. "We can't pray for a Celestial companion if we're living a Telestial life!"

3-Set an example of our faith in the power of prayer.

4- Teach our children the virtue of kneeling.

5- Make morning prayer a habit! Our breastplate, shield and sword come from the protective power of prayer.

6- Pray often. "When it's time to pray, pray! And if you don't feel like it, pray 'til you do!"

7- Recognize answers to prayers. Satan cannot duplicate feelings from the Spirit.

Then Russell M. Nelson spoke. My favorite thing that he said, "Satan is an incorrigible Insomniac! He doesn't sleep!"
Everything is going really well in Parker and I love it here! The members are seriously SO NICE! I can't even begin to express how much I love all of them. It is such a blessing to be here for awhile and I plan to make the most of it!

Love all of you!


Sister Jarvie
My One-Year Anniversary!
Sister Lauren Jarvie

CO- Colorado Springs

11825 Meadowood Ln.

Parker, CO 80138

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