October 15, 2012

Life In The Rockies!

My new companion Sister Nawrocki
This is so weird! Suddenly a different place and a very different pace! The night before I came to CO I got 2 hours of sleep! So when we go outbound from Temple Square we have to pack all of the stuff we’re not taking with us. I had no idea how much stuff I have accumulated while I’ve been on my mission. Anyways, it was a disaster. Luckily, the sisters I left behind at Temple Square are nice enough to take all of that stuff to storage for me. It was so stressful! So then the next day I fly to CO and they take me to the mission office. It was really interesting because the AP's were like quizzing me on Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Hahaha… And they had asked me if I had ever seen the 12 week program (it’s the training guide for new missionaries that I used when I was training Sister di Liberto). I was like um yeah I definitely have seen that, we study it every day at Temple Square. So it was just funny, haha, but whatever, I guess that’s what they do when a new missionary comes from the MTC, so I can go with it! Originally this mission was scheduled to get a new Sister from the MTC, but she got sick there and needed to go home, so when they had a shortage they called Temple Square and asked if one of the 17 of us that were going outbound could plug in there to fill the gap. Also, the AP’s gave me this HUGE book of policies and guidelines for this mission. In short, it’s very different from Temple Square. So that’s what will be great about outbound, experiencing something new! After I was quizzed by the AP's, my companion came!!! Her name is Sister Nawrocki from upstate New York. She is so cool. She has been on her mission for only 3 months and is "training" me haha.

The next day was really interesting too! I actually had time to unpack and settle in!! Then we had lunch at a member’s house. After that we met up with some other sisters to get frozen yogurt! Then we continued to meet more members in the two wards we’re serving in. We are serving in Ponderosa Ward and the French Creek Ward. They are both so AWESOME! I love everyone we have met. They are all super nice and really excited to do missionary work!

Friday we had Zone Meeting! So I walk in first and there are like 20 elders in there!!!! So awkward hahaha. Then the zone leaders called me up to be the investigator for a role play and they asked me if I had ever done a role play at Temple Square! I took a deep breath and said YES! All the time... haha! It was also my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! So the sisters that we went to get frozen yogurt with the day before brought me these cute balloons with candy inside :) It was so fun! I can’t believe I just have a little over 5 months left! How did this happen?!?!? That night we had dinner at the Ropers, such a cute family! And they are really good at cooking!

We were pretty busy on Saturday meeting with members in the two wards. There is a missionary program here called 5-5-5 that keeps us super busy. Basically, each auxillary is supposed to come up with 5 names or families that we should go teach the missionary lessons to. We have the BEST ward mission leader in the Ponderosa ward, he is so cool and we love his family. They took us out to dinner on Saturday to this Mexican food place called Los Delicioso. It was pretty good. I haven't had good Mexican food in a while.

So each Sunday while I’m here we will go to two wards! And ward council meetings and stuff. It is pretty fun and Sundays go by way fast. I haven't really gone to church meetings in a year! In Temple Square we only have time for sacrament meeting and then we have to hit the Square! And I haven't been in a “family” ward since I was 15 pretty much! It was fun. I met the Persingers-- they are the best family ever! Sister Persinger is a crack up, Sister Nawrocki was like “you are going to be just like her when you grow up!” Haha she is the best! So they had us over for dinner, it was incredible. She has that same huge clock in her house that we got before I came on my mission!! Then we had another dinner appointment at Bishop Allettos house! They have 5 kids and the youngest plays football at BYU! They are a really nice family!
Things are nice here and I have been enjoying the super slow pace!!!
I feel like I'm on vacation sometimes...

Sister Jarvie
(minus the American flag and SL temple deco)
My house in Parker

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Susan S said...

Great letter! Lucky Colorado people to have you there. Have a wonderful experience. Love, Sue Stayner (p.s. Louise Jones and I wandered around the square a couple of weeks ago, again to no avail. Someday we will find you!!!)