October 29, 2012

We've Got Our Work Cut Out For Us!

We had our first BLIZZARD! So we celebrated by also getting one from Dairy Queen! It was pretty fun. We are assigned to two wards, and this weekend we got to go to their really fun Halloween parties! We dressed up as hipsters for Ponderosa Ward’s party!
We also had interviews with President Anderson on Wednesday. He’s so great! There are some pretty good new ideas about working with members in the wards to increase interest and confidence of the ward members so that they can find people to teach. So hopefully we can utilize those as much as possible to get the work moving in this area. Apparently, it is known as one of the hardest areas in the mission because it is the wealthiest. So most of the people who live here are pretty content and don't really see a need for religion. Isn’t that sad?  If they only knew the blessings they are missing out on.  Oh well, I’ve got my work cut out for me while I’m here!
We have been working a lot with some great members here and our ward mission leader to find more ways to move forward! All of the members that I have met in both wards are so willing to help and really excited to have sister missionaries haha! I have really enjoyed working with them! Have a great week! CTR
Sister Jarvie
Halloween Hipster!
Letter from President Anderson

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