September 11, 2012

A Week in the Life!

My awesome new companion Sister Fredrickson is in the back!
We had leadership training this week! Pretty fun this time because I wasn’t freaking out about how I will be training during the transfer! A little more relaxed. So the meeting was in one of the banquet rooms of the Lion House. I was with Sister Beller (Montana) and Sister Pickrel (Arizona), they are so much fun! I love Sister Beller because she is obsessed with Diet Coke! So during our 7 minute break we ran downstairs to the Lion House Pantry and got a Diet coke for ourselves and President and Sister Gillette!
The next day we were on exchanges because the other half of the leaders were having their meeting. I was with Sister Lin (Taiwan) and she went to BYUH! Then we saw Brianna Hobbins!! Wow! SO GOOD to see her! She’s just always SO happy! There is never a time when I don't see her smiling, it's so contagious and awesome. Anyways, she said she would be coming back at conference so that will be fun! Hopefully I can find her among the millions of people who will be here!
Saturday we made an early morning teaching appointment so that we could push back all of our studies to avoid being out on the Square because there is this really creepy guy that has been searching for us all week. When we first talked to him he said he would be coming back on Saturday... Anyways, we heard security told him to get lost after he allegedly proposed to a sister here... Gotta love the SQ.
In the afternoon we saw RIQUE! I heard she was going to come here that day but we were just so busy with teaching appointments that we couldn’t be on the square. So we were talking to her for a long time, she gave me tons of pictures and found out that she knows a lot of the same people Sister Fredrickson is friends with! Pretty cool! She’s so great! I really cannot wait to be BFFs again after my mission! I’m not sure LA is the place for me, but we'll see haha!
We met a great lady while at the computers one day and she wanted us to call her back and teach her! She went to church on Sunday and took the sacrament for the first time in 50 years! She said it was so spiritual that it “felt like the water was spiked with something!” hahaha It was her first time going to an LDS church and she really liked it. She is a little apprehensive about missionaries coming to her home so we have been teaching her over the phone. She is so sweet and she has so much faith. We talked to her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and we asked her to pray about what we had explained and she said she already believed all of it! But that she would still pray about it. She is so wonderful.
We had some great conversations with people this week! I really feel the Spirit working so strong in this companionship. We have been finding new investigators each week and have regular teaching appointments with them. It is great!
It is so incredible how much President and Sister Gillette really care about all of the sisters here.
Sister Jarvie!
ps- I hope everyone is getting ready for Conference!
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