September 18, 2012

Tours and Teaching, Teaching and Tours!

I saw Sister Lindsay Wright's Mom on pday!
Top of FormGreat Week!! We met this guy on chat a couple weeks ago and he had been meeting with missionaries before he moved to a new place. He recently had a few friends report to the MTC for their missions. He wanted us to help him get in touch with the missionaries where he lives now! So we sent out the referral and called him a couple days later and he was already going to have lunch with them! So, so awesome. We talked to him again a couple days ago and he wants to be baptized! Wow so prepared!

We met the nicest ladies a few days ago! They were both in town for a conference that was held here. One of them lived in Newport Beach for a while and knows my Aunt Ann!!! How random is that?! Anyways, they were seriously so nice and we really enjoyed the time we got to take them around the Conference Center. I hope they enjoyed the rest of their time in Salt Lake!

Earlier that day we took 4 Polish people on a tour. One of them was the guide and pretty much had to translate everything we said. Well, to say the least, he was obviously not a member of the Church. So it was kind of funny saying things then having him translate because who knows what he was saying to them.. haha And on top of that he was really creepy. He kept asking us about when were done, what we do at the end of the day and if we had a boyfriend. We were like OK, anyways... Gotta love it.

We are totally loving Hospitality Bus Tours right now. Sister Moore says that we are the best they have at doing these! Probably just because we love to talk a lot and make people laugh! The most important thing with each group we get is to make the tour guide happy! If they have a good experience with us, they will come again! So Sister Fredrickson and I always go out of our way to do everything possible we can to make it the best night! Every Thursday night there is a Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal that is a super big deal! Thousands of people come. Last Thursday, our tour group got out of the Lion House and near the Tabernacle at about 7:57pm. There were already hundreds of people in line. They were going to have to wait forever and maybe not get in at all. So I said ok you stay here I will go see what I can do. So I run off to find one of the hosts to talk to. In the mean time Sister Fredrickson is entertaining the group and they are praying that I can make something happen. The first people I go to I tell them I've got a VIP group waiting here and we need to know which door to go into. They told me door 18. So I rushed over to the group said door 18 and they all started running towards me! So we get over there at like 8pm right on time! And then they get shuffled into the Tabernacle with VIP seating. PHEW!!!!! It was so awesome! We are pretty much famous after that!

On Sunday we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders. I was with Sister Shamanga from Zambia. She is SO COOL! She was teaching me different words to say in Chebu? Or whatever language she speaks there..ATI?!

SUMMER IS OVER! It is starting to get cold here and the winter scarves are comin’ out of the box! It’s fun! Also, along with that we get TWO 8 o'clock dinners a week and ONE whole hour for dinner each night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I wanted to cry I was so thankful! Sitting in one place for a whole hour???? So awesome!

Tomorrow morning is going to be fun! The whole mission will have a special behind the scenes tour of the Tabernacle!!! All thanks to President Seppi! And also thanks to him because after General Conference we will be able to clean the Salt Lake Temple as our service!
Also, Sister Lauren Call comes tomorrow and Saturday for training on Temple Square before she leaves for Independence next week!!  I can't wait to see her!!  All those years of being friends, who ever thought we would serve together as missionaries for a couple of days?!?!  I love her so much and I am so happy and grateful we are both having this awesome experience!!!
Sista Jarv
Sister Platt and Sister Jarvie


Susan S said...

Wonderful letter and missionary work! We are so proud of you! We want to come and visit you, but need your phone...or will email to. Will let you know when we are coming. Keep up the great work! Love, Sue and Dave Stayner

Ali said...

You are awesome!!! We love you so much...we are so proud of you...VIP seating for your great...and being a light...dear Sister Lauren Jarvie...
We are grateful you are serving and blessing others are always in our prayers...
Love Aunt CarolAnn and Fam'