June 4, 2012

"This will be the best summer on Temple Square ever!"-- Elder Jeffery R. Holland

Sister Call and Sister Jarvie
This morning at 7:30am we had a mission meeting and we all stood up when ELDER JEFFERY R HOLLAND walked in! We had our transfer conference last night and President Gillette announced that a general authority was going to speak to us in the morning but he wouldn't tell us who it was going to be.
It was so incredible! I took so many notes and learned so much from him. He talked about the attributes of the Spirit, and said we should emulate those same things. That will apply to all people and situations in life when dealing with different people. He said “If the Spirit is mild, you be mild. If the Spirit is bold, you be bold”, and so on.
He also said "This will be the best summer on Temple Square ever!"
I think I will photocopy my notes and send them to other missionaries.
Before the opening prayer we sang ‘Called to Serve’, our Temple Square Mission Version:...all 3 verses!
Called to preach the gospel to all nations
On the mount a banner is unfurled
Sisters, couples serving all together
from all corners of the world:
Chorus: Australia, Asia, Europe,
Pacific Islands, Africa
Russia, North America
Central South America
Jesus Christ our Master His gospel we will share
See all nations flow unto it.
Our lovely Temple Square!
See all nations flow unto it.
Our lovely Temple Square!

All the sisters wave their hands for whatever part of the world they are from during the song. It’s so great!
This week has been so busy! Getting ready for the transfer and arranging all the cars and rides and knowing who is going outbound before anyone else! Ha its madness here! Last pday was SO FUN! We got extra fancy dressed up and went to Cheesecake Factory with some other companionships in our zone!
So I will be in Extended Zone this transfer, with Saturday for pday. Oh and I'll be training a new missionary for the next 12 weeks; she comes in from the MTC on Wednesday. Sister Au-Yeung was such an awesome trainer for me when I got here-- 
“The responsibility to train a new missionary is a sacred trust from your mission president and from the Lord. A missionary’s first companion has a profound, lasting influence on the development of the missionary’s attitudes, habits, and ability to fulfill his or her purpose.”
I'm so excited--I can't wait!
Love you!!!!!!!!
Sister Jarvie
Sister Wong and Sister Jarvie
Sister Lauren Jarvie
UT- SLC Temple Square
50 N. West Temple St. Rm. BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

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Camille Packer McConnell said...

That sounds like an awesome talk, pass the notes on please!