May 28, 2012

Fun Week With a Lot Going On!

Fun visit from Brittany and Ariel!!

Fun week with a lot going on! Wednesday Sister Chen and I went on exchanges to take a Mandarin motor coach! So we took 15 of them around. Then right after that West Gate told us that 20 more people randomly showed up! So they asked us if we could take that one too. It was so fun but it was also really tiring. Poor Sister Chen had to do the whole thing because I don't know Mandarin! haha
We had so much to do Thursday but luckily we could finish all the morning stuff by 1pm so we could call our awesome investigator! She is so faithful and totally prepared. She has been having a hard time with her daughter but we have been able to help her. It has been so fun teaching her the past couple weeks.
We got to go to a baptism on Friday! Two sisters in our Zone had been teaching her this transfer and she is Mongolian. So during the whole thing there was a translator! Haha! It was so cool. Mongolian is such a unique language.
I just remembered that Friday was also one of the most stressful days I’ve had while on my mission! We have to assign Zones to do "van maintenance" every Saturday. We don’t have many drivers in our mission right now so most zones will have to do the maintenance twice. But there were sisters in one of the zones that got super upset! They kept emailing and calling us about it. I’m the one carrying the phone so I had to handle all of it! hahah Anyways, it is just interesting how people got mad about that! So funny.
Sister Wong and I took two ENGLISH motor coaches on Saturday! It was so fun. The first group had 45 people and they asked us SO MANY questions! It was awesome! Later in the afternoon it started to pour rain, so fun!
There were a lot of members on the Square yesterday probably because of Memorial Day. We met a few great families.
So with my past few companions we have been helping this guy named ***** who lives here in SLC come back to church and stuff. I think I mentioned a few months ago how he had just gotten out of jail and is doing so awesome. Well he is doing GREAT! He wrote me this email last week and it was super random and hilarious.... But despite the emoticons, it is very touching---
Hi sister Jarvey. It was very enjoyable to spend a few minutes with you and join your tour on sunday. I always like to see the joy and happy lives that you and your sister missionaries have; serving the lord and spreading the gospel with your service and charity. Your testimony is beautiful and I admire the way that you share it. The way that it is, that it is the truth, and as you teach the people that do not know about the gospel they are visibly inspired and touched by the spirit through you. You will have blessings and rewards forever for the souls that you touch each daily. In the miracle of forgiveness Pres. Kimball teaches that we will be blessed by sharing our testimonies, and that our testimonies are a blessing in themselves. Good job, I am so proud to be your friend. Thank you for your friendship, you also do much good in my life. You have made me happy and inspired and strengthened me to do right and get myself right with the lord and the church when I was weak and falling. So I now have the spirit and Holy Ghost daily in my life, maybe not as strong as you but... Well I hope you are good and happy”
: Hahah he is so awesome! Well, we’re going to go now---it’s pday, and we’re going to Cheesecake Factory tonight!!
---another transfer is coming to an end. This week is going to be insane getting all the transportation and everything ready for transfers...pray for us! And send us gift cards for food! hahha jk
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