June 9, 2012

The More I Rely on the Lord to Help Me With This the Easier it is...

My new companion Sister Di Liberto of Milan, Italy
CIAO! Oh my goodness. I never ever thought I would get to the point on my mission that I would be training another sister missionary. The past few days I have been feeling like I do not know enough to do this. And how am I ever going to teach her enough to be a good missionary at Temple Square?! But it gets more obvious each day that the more I rely on the Lord to help me with this the easier it is. It is interesting to take a step back and explain why we do certain things and how that will help us be better servants of the Lord. It has really helped me to gain a stronger testimony of this work we are doing. Because myself, being about half way through my mission already I can promise to her that these things work because I have seen it!
Anyways, on Wednesday when we were about to be assigned to our trainee's I honestly felt like I was going to throw up I was so nervous! Haha But when the time came, I was okay! Her name is Sister Di Liberto from Italy. She is from Milan and learned English in the MTC. So we are really working on getting more familiar with the language. We have a lot of time to study together as a companionship which helps a lot. There is so much we have to learn to be a missionary at Temple Square. There is so much history here. All the dates and facts about every little thing. AND then we must know how to relate it back to the gospel so we can teach them! So for Sister Di Liberto, learning this all in English will also be a challenge. But we are taking our time and having so much fun!
We will be serving at Welfare Square this transfer on Tuesday and Thursday! So that means that we will be at the Beehive House on Wednesdays! I am so excited to be at Welfare Square. We got some training for it this week and I think it will be so fun to serve there. So that means that we have even more information to learn! With Welfare and the Beehive House!
Other than that, not too many updates in the past few days! Things are going great! Letters of encouragement about training a new missionary would be nice haha

Sister Jarvie
Goodbye for now to Sister Chen!
Flag removed from nametag and ready
to fly out!!

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