June 16, 2012

I'm Learning How to Be a Better Missionary!!

Blythe Beecroft visits Sister Jarvie
Training training training! There has been a lot of adjusting going on this week. Sister Di Liberto is still feeling really self conscious about her English but I think it’s great! We were able to get a language blessing from President Harmon on Tuesday. He said a lot of great things to her and it is so nice that we can go get that blessing from him. I hope it has been helping her confidence!

Wednesday was better. We were in the Beehive House!! I have missed it so much. Summer is so much busier there then when I served there during the winter. It was great though and Sister Di Liberto learned about it really quickly!
All the zone leaders, district leaders and trainers had to go to a leadership training meeting this week. It was at a really cool house up in the avenues! This place was honestly a mansion! It was up on the hill too so it had a great view of SLC. The meeting was great. I learned so much about being a better missionary. Of course that's what these meetings are always about but we learn more every time.
The amazing mansion where we had leadership training!
Yesterday was a very long day. First thing we had training. Then we rushed off to Welfare Square only to find out that it was closed for the day! But it kept going back and forth between yes, there would be tours and no, there would not be tours that day. So we ended up kind of just sitting there for an hour trying to figure it out haha. Eventually we got picked up and taken back to Temple Square. My companion was having a really hard day. She was really struggling with homesickness. So I talked to her and then we tried to get a hold of President Gillette for a priesthood blessing but he wasn't at the Square. So we went over to Sister Gillette’s office and she talked to Sister Di Liberto for a while. It made her feel better. I think she was just putting too much pressure on herself to know English right away. She will be fine. I’m not worried.

Well I am so happy that today is p-day! The time is still going by pretty fast around here!!

I hope everyone had a good week!


Sister Jarvie
Sister Jarvie and Sister Wong

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Elizabeth Clayton Smith said...

Sister Jarvie! I'm so glad you have this blog. It's an honor to read how you are serving the Lord and changing lives! Love you!