June 23, 2012

Lots of Success, Lots of Anti-Mormons!

Former Temple Square Missionaries Danielle Bryers and Blythe Beecroft
visit Sister Jarvie's house in California
Going to the Temple with Sister Call
Awesome Sister Missionaries and Mom
Sister Di Liberto and Sister Jarvie
Things are starting to move along again now that Sister Di Liberto has gotten the hang of Temple Square. We had a lot of success in the last week. Also we had a lot of anti experiences. On Wednesday morning we were called for a tour and it was a group in the South. They didn't really say much, so 5 minutes into the whole thing we find out they are actually two different groups in one 'tour'. So there was this really cute lady and her two kids. She had just bought her son a car to use for college. Really nice little Catholic family, so Sister Di Liberto was mostly talking to them. So I was focusing on the group of about 5 or 6 youth and one adult. They were all wearing crosses and looked less than excited to be here...anti alert. Anyways, we had an appointment at 11:30am so we took them to the Christus to cut it short. While Sister Di Liberto was talking to the Catholic family, the anti group started asking me about what the statue represents. (Keep in mind that all their questions were asked in a, ‘trying to look innocent/ speculative way).’ I said “That's Jesus Christ....” Then they were like “well what does that mean? What is this room supposed to represent? Do the planets mean something? What are the orbs all about?” I just started laughing, I’m like “Ha well, if you want to look at it that way or read into it for deeper meaning, go ahead. But as far as I know it’s just a pretty room. You can think what you want.” Haha They knew I thought these questions were ridiculous. So they kept asking weird/controversial questions yada yada. Then I gave them the guest card and said “well we need to take off.” The leader said “Can we pray with you?” I said “No...”  “You don't pray?” “Oh, yes we pray. But not here with you. Not like this. If you want to pray to yourselves that’s fine but we won’t join you." Then that was that.
Anyways, the moral is that the Lord always blesses me with super great normal people in a tour when we also get anti's. And Sister Di Liberto was totally protected with her group on the other side of the room. After that tour we were walking to our appointment and saw another anti group. LATER at the Beehive House the SAME group we had just seen showed up. They were obviously so anti. Haha its funny thinking about it!! I was at the desk by myself and then Sister Kemp walks out. It was honestly DEAD SILENT in that room. So weird! That never happens... Anyways, so I wrote down "ANTIS!!" on the paper so Sister Kemp could see. We decided that we should go on an exchange for the tour. I have taken a lot of Anti Beehive tours before so I know we need to talk fast...really fast. So Sister Kemp and I took the tour. I walked with them out of the house, waved, ran back inside and closed the door! Phew...
Monday was AWESOME! We had mission FHE! So we went to President Seppi's mansion in Sandy. It was so fun. We wore our jeans and played volleyball and ate food and looked around his house. It was so so so relaxing. I haven't just laid on the grass watching the clouds roll by since Hawaii.
Well I think that’s about it for this week.
Love Sister Jarvs

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