May 7, 2012

Sister Wong and I Are Having a Blast Together!

Sister Wong (Hawaii) and Sister Jarvie
I feel that my emails are so redundant but we were so busy with Fleet this week! On Wednesday we met with Brother Edwards in the Department of Safety or something at the Church Office Building. He wanted us to test a safety program they might use in the Fleet program for all the missions in the world that have cars. He had us each test it and then we met with him again on Friday and gave him our feedback and they might be looking at other options as well. Safety first!

Also, one of our favorite security guards at Temple Square taught us some self defense tactics while we were at desk. He used to work as an interrogator! So cool!

On Friday we had to turn in all the car reports so we got to meet with another person in the Church Office Building who is in charge with Fleet, Brother Ott. He said he will come this week to our office to audit us. Yikes! Hopefully we have everything right. We will be working on that this week. He is a great guy! We are excited for him to help us get everything in order!

We got to contact a Mandarin Motor Coach tour!!! Sister Zhang from China and Sister Lo from Hong Kong taught us things to say in Mandarin. So when we introduced ourselves we also said "I love China" in Mandarin and they all clapped! Haha it was so fun! They kept taking pictures of us. I have been learning a lot! At the end of every Motor Coach tour with people from China we let each of them take a Chinese Book of Mormon for free. It is so amazing to see all these faithful people want to learn who God is. I am so happy that we can give them a Book of Mormon to take back to China with them.

We took a Youth Conference tour on Saturday. There were 5 companionship's there to equally divide all the youth but we ended up with 4 youth and 6 adults. Hahah it was good to have a small group because you took them through God's Plan for His Family. They weren't playing games on their cell phones the whole time (I am talking about the adults mind you), and I think the youth really liked it! Hopefully they were able to see why preparing now to go through the temple is important.

On Saturday Elder and Sister Watson from my home stake visited me!  They are so awesome!  They are just starting their mission and came up from the MTC to visit Temple Square!

I am so happy with Sister Wong! She is such a good missionary and I am learning a lot from her! It is great to see how much we learn because she is still in her 3rd transfer but she’s so great! We are having a blast together.

Sister Jarvie
Elder and Sister Watson visit Sister Jarvie

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