May 15, 2012

Heavenly Father Has a Plan....

General Conference, April 2012

Today we are going to have a zone activity! We are all really excited. Sister Wong and I will go pick up the pizzas soon then go back to the Square and watch a movie with the whole zone. We all voted this last week but I think the winner will be to watch Tangled. Everyone here loves it and I have never seen it.

It was so fun to call home for Mothers day yesterday! What a perfect gift!

On Friday we had a mission meeting early in the morning. President Gillette is such a teaser! He was saying he had a big surprise for us. That we would be hearing from an apostle!! Everyone was so shocked. Then he said the bad news-- that it is on video! hahah It was a great talk by Elder Holland when he spoke at the MTC in January 2011. It was super inspiring! I love the way he teaches because he teaches with power and authority in a way that seems to be so natural.

Saturday was super super busy day. It started at 5:40am when we got a call from a sister saying they had locked the keys in the car while they were washing it. The car sat in the parking lot of the COB (Church Office Building) all weekend until this morning when they opened and gave us the spare key. Then we gave the Fleet training to the 1st transfer sisters. We played a really funny video at the start to wake them up a little. It was great and probably my last Fleet training for newly authorized drivers!

Elder and Sister Zwick spoke to us on Sunday! That is the second time I've heard him speak on my mission because he came to the MTC too. He said so many great things. Touching a heart to act is the most important thing we can do. We went up to meet them after and I told them that their son used to be in my ward in Newport Beach. Sister Zwick gave me a big hug, it was so great to have them come to speak to us. What a treat!

Sister Wong and I got to cover for announcing yesterday. Since Sister Au-Yeung and I were in charge of that they have gotten new signs that are seriously so huge! It was fun to do that again though. It is great this time of the year because of the nice warm weather.

So early this morning we went to go get the car from the COB when it opened. Usually when we go it’s during the middle of the day so we have our makeup and missionary clothes on. But it was early, so I wasn't ready yet.. We walk in and our friend Melissa that works there said “oh wow, you look....comfy.” Hahaha It was just a funny thing that happened today.

This Church is true.  It’s so fun to learn about it!  Honestly I never knew very much, but I’ve learned so much this last year.  I’m so much more happy too, which is cool!  Heavenly Father has a plan...

 Love you so much!


Sister Jarvie

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