April 30, 2012

The Work is Going Great and I'm Happier Than Ever!!!!

Sister Lautiki and Sister Jarvie

Hello!!! This has been a super busy and crazy week. Mostly because of Fleet stuff. At the end and beginning of the month we have different things do for the cars so it’s a crazy time for a new transfer to start. It has been fun though. Last Thursday when our long transfer day was over, we got to have another sleep day to recharge! I love Sister Wong so much. She is such an awesome missionary! We get along so well. She’s so cool!  She’s really into health food, so I really like that. And we’re always listening to Hawaiian music.  We have been making crazy health food smoothies this week so if anyone has any smoothie recipes send them my way! And Sister Wong is a really good cook!  She just made me a cool chicken-fried thing that’s Japanese!  Yum!  So I think this is going to be a really fun transfer!!  I feel so old now. Haha. Sister Wong is in her 3rd transfer, and I was just there it seems like!! Next transfer I will be half way done already!

It’s been so fun to have the old Sisters come back for a visit at Temple Square and it’s so weird to see them wearing jeans!!!

We have been having a lot of miracles this week even with our little time out of the office. The Lord sends people here for us to help them. And it is really starting to become obvious at this point in my mission.

This church is true, it’s so fun to be here---I am learning so much and I love to learn more and more!  Honestly, I feel like I never knew very much until I came on my mission!!

Well I am so sorry I don’t have too much to say this week but all the stuff we do for Fleet wouldn’t be too interesting. Office work—so much of it---gas reports, mileage reports, van reports, etc. 

The work is going great and I am more happy than ever!
Love you
Sister Jarvs
Mission Meeting in the Tabernacle

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