May 21, 2012

What a Great Week!!!

General Conference

Hello!  What a great week! Every Tuesday we get to INDEX! I love it so much. We get to do it again tomorrow. But the whole rest of the day I just kept thinking about how fun it is. I think that is all I want to do when I get home haha. Anyways, the Church is really working on finishing the 1940 US census, it’s a big project. Of course with the Family Search center right next to us, we hear a lot about it. So fun to help!

That same night I saw Alex Lovin! Haha I was waiting for Sister Wong to come out of the restroom and Alex just walks up. It was so good to see her! I also saw Brittany and Ariel this week at City Creek! SO good to see my fellow fairies. I miss the Sweet Tooth Fairy so much! I was so happy to see some of my best friends this week and hear that they are doing so well.

Yesterday was such a good day. I guess it is pretty common here on Temple Square during the summer for us to leave church right after taking the sacrament because of all the motor coaches that are arriving. We had to be at West Gate at 8am yesterday to wait for a group of 60 Mandarin speakers. Sister Feng from China gave the tour and Sister Wong and I did the contacting. I love those people from China so much, I can’t wait to go visit after my mission!

Sister Wong has been teaching a guy from Sudan that was a member referral. He came to visit the Square yesterday with his family! They are really the cutest family ever. And they are so beautiful! So humble and he knows this Church is true. I hope they get baptized.

Today we had a teaching appointment with a lady I met on chat a month ago. She wanted us to help her daughter who lives here but we couldn't really do anything except give her the local bishops’ number. Anyways, this lady is great! We taught her today and she knows everything is true and that God is watching out for her. She agreed to meet with missionaries and she even accepted our invitation to get baptized! So hopefully the elders get to her soon. This is the perfect time for her to learn the meaning of life!

Anyways, it has been a great week!
Love you!
Sister Jarvie
Spring Flowers on Temple Square!

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