April 24, 2012

I am So Happy to Be a Missionary Here!!

My new zone leader Sister Chen of China
Well, what a week. First of all today we had TRANSFER CONFERENCE! At 6:30am our zone gathered downstairs in the ‘Scriptures and Revelation’ section of the North Visitors Center. I found out that my next companion is SISTER WONG from LANIKAI, HAWAII!! She is so great and this will be her 3rd transfer. We will be in charge of Fleet again which I am so excited about! My favorite Sister Chen from China is one of my zone leaders! We will still have Monday as our p-day. I am so excited to be companions with Sister Wong. She also went to BYU Hawaii but we never knew each other. We were also in the same zone this last transfer. Island time!

So this last week was busy because of the upcoming transfers. They are on Wednesday but fleet has had to set up who will drive, pick up and drop off all the sisters who are going home, going outbound and coming back from outbound! Because we had to schedule everything, we found out who is going outbound a week in advance, which is fun because we totally know what's going on.

We also had Zone Conference last week. Our day was Tuesday and it was at President Gillette’s house! They have the best house ever; so many pictures everywhere and hundreds of knickknacks from all over the world. I took tons of pictures. I love homes in Utah because they all have basements. They have a really cute little closet under the stairs that they painted pink on the inside and it’s a ‘dress up and little princess playroom’ or something. It is the cutest thing ever. They have huge comfy couches downstairs and a big projector screen, ping pong table, air hockey, pinball game, and a pool! In one of the kid’s bedrooms they have a loft that looks like a ship with one of those steering wheel things and a fireman's pole!!! So fun. Seriously, the best house; and I haven’t gone into houses in months so I’m extra appreciative! The Zone Conference was very uplifting and we learned so much to help us be better missionaries. I am so happy to be a missionary here and to have President and Sister Gillette to help us! Wow, this last transfer was really hard but I learned so much. I couldn't have made it through if I had relied on my own self. It was because I relied on and put my trust in the Lord that I could make it through this transfer. I learned so much about myself. I was reading the talk "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence E. Corbridge again last night and he was saying that the most important thing we can accomplish is to create ourselves, or something like that, I can't remember exactly what it says. It is right in the beginning of the talk.  Here’s an excerpt: “As you entered the mission field you concluded one phase of life and began another. To this point many of you have had the protection and close support of family and church leaders and teachers. Now you have moved into a new phase of life on your own. You are essentially on your own. From this point on, you are wholly responsible for what you do and most importantly for who you become. For the most part, your life is yet ahead of you. What will you do with it? What will be your greatest work? What will be your most important creation? I will tell you. Your greatest work; your most important creation is and will ever be you. What kind of person will you become? What personality will you have; what strengths; what knowledge; what character; what emotional state; what presence; what qualities; what virtues? What will you look like? What will you sound like? What will it be like to be around you? Who will you be? Envision and plan for your greatest work.”

I love that! We are in charge of who we will become. We aren't in charge of what Heavenly Father will put in our path but He gives us the resources to make the best out of every situation that we encounter.
Well I am looking forward to this transfer with summer coming up and everything!  Have a great week!

Love you all!


Steffany Gilbert (released two transfers ago) Sister Bryers (going home this transfer), Sister Jarvie

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