February 22, 2012

So, So Awesome To Be a Missionary!

Beehive House Tour with Jill and Margot Money!

Sister Jarvie and new companion Sister Mauga
The Beehive house was going off this week! Seriously, it felt like summer time in there. It was great though because we saw a lot more success because of it. It is an interesting place to serve because generally people just come to see old stuff. We're constantly bridging back to gospel and trying to help them feel the Spirit. It is fun to figure out a way to relate irrelevant things back to Jesus Christ and His gospel.
Well something interesting happened at the Beehive. Sister Mauga and I were talking to the group we would take through the house and in walk Jill and Margot Money! At first I acted like I had no idea who they were but just welcoming them like any other guest. Ha. So that was a really awesome experience to be able to take them around the house. It was so nice that they came!
On Friday night we were chatting and this guy came on who wanted to go to church on Sunday!! Wow! Chat miracle whenever they don't ask about how magnets work. So we helped him find the address and he agreed to let us call him to teach him more. So we talked to him on Sunday and he is so incredible. He already met with the missionaries and they are going to his house again tonight! He has a very serious disease, (I am teaching 2 people with the same illness) and has wanted to find the true church. He has researched so many different religions but on Sunday he said, "I am getting a feeling this is the right church". YES! We are so bold with him and he is so accepting. There are some things we will have to help him with, but I can't see that holding him back once he knows it is true.
We did some more covering at West Gate this week, I love it there. You have to know what you're doing and be very organized, which I love. Hopefully one of these days I can get the opportunity to serve there.
Ester* is still working towards baptism. Her first date was February 1st but she missed it. She has been having a really hard time with her son. He is in jail right now because he and his friends stole a bunch of her stuff and has illegal drugs in the house everywhere when the police came. The worst part is that she had JUST moved in with him a few days before. She has been living at a home care facility and the guy who runs it doesn't treat her well. It's all really sad. I wish I could be there to help her myself. So her attorney told her to move back into that place until the trial is over. We all know how long that can take! But she knows that God has a plan for her and that getting baptized will help her deal with all the stress in a more Christlike way. She is an angel. She is my other investigator that is sick, but she is so happy.
So, so awesome to be a missionary!
Well until next week.
Love you all!
Sister Jarvie
*name may have been changed to protect confidentiality

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