February 29, 2012

Good week. Better people. Best gospel!!!

My investigator got baptized, then visited me!!
My companion is a district leader (the Temple Square Mission is unique in that all of the leadership positions are filled by sister missionaries, since there are no guys in the mission) so we go on exchanges every once in a while. On Thursday we were on exchanges with our zone leaders. I was with Sister Lautiki from Fiji! I am so glad that she has been my zone leader this transfer, she is such a good missionary. We had a lot of fun together and I was able to learn so much!

On Saturday we were on exchanges again, this time with Sister Kaberry from Melbourne, Australia. We took a German tour! Then we met a couple and the husband was so funny. He knew a lot of stuff about the Church, some of it very false. For example, he asked all the usual controversial questions, and then asked about polygamy. He was like, "You want to hear my opinion about why polygamy started?" and I said, "Oh yes please, let's hear it."...."I think that polygamy got started because Joseph Smith got caught cheating on his wife so he had to come up with a cover..." And he was so dead serious. Sister Kaberry and I probably shouldn't have but we just started laughing (we had built a pretty good relationship with him so it seemed ok). I said, "Are you serious?"..."Yes"..."Well I just want to let you know that you are wrong, you are not right." hahaha He seemed to understand. It was a good/funny conversation with him.
We got to cover 'announcing' on Sunday after Music and the Spoken Word! It was fun to do that again, I do not miss how cold it is standing out there though. That same night there was the Interfaith Conference going on in the tabernacle. So all these different religions from all over the world came and put on a presentation to showcase their religion. I was on exchanges with Sister Gulzar from Pakistan. She is SUCH an INCREDIBLE missionary. I couldn't even believe it. She just brings the Spirit like that. And there is something about that Pakistani accent that makes it so much better. She is going home this transfer; I am going to miss her. She is hilarious.
I am really excited that we get to take tours to new locations now. We can now go to the Church History Museum, the Church Office Building, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! And we got to do that yesterday, it was great. We were about to end a tour and one of the guys asked how to get to the Church Office Building so he could go to the top floor. So we said we could take him there! It was so fun; I hadn't been there since I was a little girl!
Anyways, good week. Better people. Best gospel!
Love love love
Sister Jarvie
…and Mom and Dad, you both did such a good job in the singles ward, now work even harder as missionaries with the inactive people in your new calling.  Salvation is on the line.  We’re not allowed to help inactive people on Temple Square but I wish I could!!
I am so happy!! I am doing great!!
OH! Today our preparation day is going to be so fun!
We are going to IN N OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Then Ross. Then Walmart. Then Downeast Basics. THEN at 6 we are going to Pacific Seas. It is a polynesian food place! They have taro there and everything! They feed missionaries for free too! Hahaha
Love you so much BYEEEEEEEEE!!!
Sister Lauren Jarvie
UT- Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
50 N. West Temple St. Rm. BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

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