March 7, 2012

Well, What a Great Week

Sister Tizhanina of Russia, Sister Jarvie,
and Sister Mauga of Samoa
Well, what a great week. Last Wednesday we had a Zone Activity! We went to a resturaunt called Pacific Seas. Such good polynesian food! It is owned by a Tongan man and his wife. They cooked tons of food for us and had it all ready when we got there. I haven't had that food since Tui Talataina's funeral. It was so good and it made me miss the whole Talataina family and the Fuga family! Especially since Mila taught me how to make the egg rolls! <3 Anyways, it was awesome. They gave us all the food for free too.
One of our investigators went to sacrament meeting on Sunday. YES! President Holmes once said, "Be obsessed with church attendance". I honestly am. It took her a long time to go.
So Monday was a VERY interesting day. We were at the Beehive house from 1 until 9. But we had a really cool tour. A young man came into the house. He looked kind of nervous or something. Anyways, in Brigham Young’s office I noticed he was very familiar with Brigham Young. So I asked what religion he is. He said timidly, "Well, I used to be a part of the FLDS." WOW! So cool, he left his community or something and came up here to live with his mother’s kids, who are his siblings. He was probably 18, and so nice. He said he wants to learn about the real Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is living with a Mormon family and will go to church with them on Sunday. He didn't have a phone number or email yet so we told him to come back. We also gave him our number. I hope he calls!! We couldn't stop thinking about him all day. Poor guy.
Yesterday was sweet! On the way back to the Square from the Beehive, we met the Prince of Tonga! There was a little group taking photos of him and a lady stopped us to ask how much the Roof costs to eat at. We didn't know. “We are poor sorry,” we told them. But it was great, we said Malo Lele? “Hello” in Tongan. And then left. So awesome!
We had a huge mission meeting this morning to get ready for General Conference. So excited! See you all there.
Have a great week!
Love you!
Sister Jarvie
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