January 12, 2012

Remember to read your Book of Mormon!

Sister Jarvie and companion Sister Au-Yeung
This week has been great. We had a really awesome zone conference this week and it helped all of us out so much! It is so nice to have a lot of time to be on the phones calling people, all of our investigators are doing so well! This is going to be a very short email we don't have much time BUT... Sister Au-Yeung and I got to run an errand to the Church Administration Building! Woooo! We had to deliver some Cowboy book to Elder Snow there. It was so BEAUTIFUL inside wow!!! Then we left. But in the mean time we lost our cell phone! eek! So we looked everywhere... We even went back and checked our apt to see if we forgot to even bring it that day. But we were sure we had it. So then we went back to the Church Administration Building and told the guy the whole story.. No cell phone... We found it in the office we had been working on the announcing stuff in! Ahhhh! Anyways, happy ending.
We had Zone Conference this week. We learned about each step in the "contacting model", it really helped so much. Then President Holmes bought us all lunch at the food court across the street! Yum! He treats us so well!
I hope you all have had a great fun week!
Remember to read your Book of Mormon, Pray and go to all Sunday meetings!
I am out of time!
Love you!
Sister Jarvie
Sister Gilbert and Sister Jarvie
Below: My sisters from around the world!

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