January 19, 2012

Anti-Mormons on Temple Square? We're used to it!!

Sister Jarvie and her companion Sister Au-Yeung
Sister A-Y speaks four languages fluently!
Hello Hello!

This week was kind of slow but a couple of interesting things happened. So we have been really used to the square being slow lately but all of a sudden a few days ago, all the phones were ringing to ask if there were sisters there to give tours! So we had just finished a tour with these two super cute ladies from China. One of their names was Potato; I love the English names Asians choose. They're the best. Anyways, they both referred AND wanted copies of the Book of Mormon!! Whenever people from mainland China come to the Square and want to refer, all we can do is get all of their information and ONE copy of the Book of Mormon each. Obviously, we can't send missionaries or call them because that country hasn't opened up yet. They were so great!  Hopefully they will read the Book of Mormon!

So, we had just finished evaluating and Sister Sukbaartaar asked if we could take a group on a tour. So we meet them and they are obviously not members, but they have their Bibles with them and one of them has a quad... You guessed it... An anti-mormon group. Anyways, they were actually super nice and seemed open to sincerely learning. But they had the standard questions that these groups usually come here with. So it turns out that it was a huge group visiting from a World Religions university class that was  studying Mormonism. Sister Gilbert’s group was TOTALLY anti but she is going to forward me that story soon. So maybe there will be more on that next week. So, it is always funny and sad to talk to anti's at the square.

Oh, and the guy from the Bahamas who was baptized last week?  All 4 of his daughters are now investigating the Church! Yay!

Love you all!

Sister Jarvie



oh, I just got Sister Gilbert’s anti-mormon tour group story—here it is:

Here is a great “Sisters Encounter Anti’s On Temple Square” to show you what we often face here at Church Headquarters.  It happened this week to Sister Gilbert!

From Sister Steffany Gilbert of New York—

Story of the week is when I pulled a total Abinadi in front of 4 anti-Mormon kids. They were my age, visiting from La Mirada actually!, and asked for a tour. Immediately we knew it was sketchy when the boy was holding a very LDS looking bible, but was clearly not LDS. So he introduces himself and the 3 girls with him as students from an evangelist Christian school coming to share the "joy of Christ" with others. (Clearly, our faith only.) We begin the tour and I felt icky inside because of their fake friendliness and how they inched their way into telling us we were wrong, in a "nice" way of course. It wasn't my first run-in with antis, I have been out here on the square for 100 years you know, but it made me mad when they would try to separate my companion and I as one of their tactics to convert us. So I started being a little sarcastic and felt myself being rude. I knew at some point this tour had to end because they were completely wasting our time. After Sister Kemp quoted the Bible to the boy as he tried to open his scriptures, a girl "bore her testimony" about how she knew the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants (red flag, girlfriend!) wasn't true and I was DONE! I prayed for the ability to shut them a Christ-like manner...and here is what I can recall saying...."We appreciate your faith in Jesus Christ, but we can't continue this tour. I know what you're doing and I don't appreciate you coming here to try and combat our beliefs. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, so you don't need to do this." Then the boy ringleader pipes up with, "We aren't trying to combat your beliefs, only to share the Bible and Chr..." and then I responded "We would never come to your church and do this to you, so I do not understand why you come here to do this to us. We respect your belief in Christ, but every missionary here knows what you are doing. What we share is true. I live 10 minutes from the Hill Cumorah and I know how this works!" BAM. Shut. Down. Then the boy once AGAIN has the nerve to speak and asks us if he can pray for us at that moment and I told him they could go pray for us somewhere else but not with us on Temple Square. Moral of the story: the SPIRIT rocks, ANTIs DO NOT.

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