January 5, 2012

Elder Scott Was Doing Great. Obviously.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy pays a visit!

Visit from Lyn Faulkner and Megan Faulkner Brown

Hello Hello!

This has been a very interesting week! First of all Christmas is OVER! We are back onto our normal schedule now so we feel like much more productive missionaries. My main man from the Bahamas got baptized on Sunday. He is so incredible, wow. He has so much faith and I am so happy. He is going to get confirmed a member this Sunday and can't wait to receive the Priesthood.

MIRACLE WEEK! On Monday we got two new investigators! Both told me they were going to meet with the missionaries this week. (Way to go Elders, contacting Church Headquarters referrals within 24 hours, ch.8 PMG). We talked to one of them today and she had a lesson with the Elders last night and is going to church on Sunday AND she wants to get BAPTIZED! Wow! So awesome.

Yesterday was interesting. Sister Au-Yeung and I always get off topic during companion study because we love talking about deep doctrine... Anyways, I won't get into that BUT it was very interesting/frustrating. haha. Then, we met a lady for a tour. She couldn't understand why there are not female prophets or apostles in this church. (How many times have I had this discussion with people?) She feels like women are repressed, yada yada yada, Politically correct, I get it. THEN, she was like, "Why does God just step back and allow innocent people to suffer. You never see evil here...Ya it must be really easy for you missionaries at Temple Square because you are completely isolated from evil." It made my skin crawl. So we kind of tried to help her understand that we don't have an "everything is perfect in the world" way of seeing things. As we were about to go up the elevator, I couldn't stop myself and I said, "Can I tell you something?" She agreed. Then I told her that she cannot say we are isolated from evil. "Every single second of every day that we are missionaries here at Temple Square or on the phone with people, we are engaged in a fight against evil. We see it every day. We talk to people who have been taken over by Satan. We fight it everyday. That is why we are missionaries for the Lord our God because we know it is true." She didn't have much to say after that. I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit testifying to her that these things ARE true and that is what caused her to have a loss for words. She is amazing and I hope that one day she will meet with missionaries because she would be such a strong member of this Church.

So we're totally defending prophets and apostles..then we meet one. Seriously. We thought we had to cover the Beehive house but we didn't so we decided to go to lunch across the street. We are walking to the corner and there is this man staring at the electricity box then he turns right in front of us! OMG IT was Elder Richard G. Scott! So he is right in front of us and we're like "Hi, how are you doing today?" He was doing great. Obviously. And then asked us where we are from. Then he said he was happy to meet us and stuff. He was so cool and nice. We were just filled with the Spirit because we know this man is an apostle of God! It was so great!

I love missionary work. I was able to see Camille Butler, one of my AMAZING EFY Redlands girls this week. If any of my EFY boys or girlfriendz are reading this...I hope you are CTR! I love you all so much. Thank you for changing my life. Read, "You Matter to Him" A talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf from Conference.

FAULKNER AND BROWN FAMILY!!!! It was SO GOOD to see you oh my gosh! Sorry I looked gross, I promise I haven't let myself go! It's just been so wild here at Christmas! Anyways, The kids are BEAUTIFUL and I love them all so much. They are so amazing. Can I get Meg and Eth's new address? And Lyn, I need yours too. Oh it was good to see Johnny I guess. I'm just kidding! It was great to see you! You look great! Love the beard. Thank you so much for the cakebites I carried them around with me all week, seriously. I think we will go to the Murray store today? It's by Rubios and Costco. Anyways, I am so excited. Thank you for coming! Sorry, I couldn't visit for longer.

I love you all so much! Happy New Year!

xoxoxoxo Sister Jarvie XOXOXOOXOX

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