December 8, 2011

We got another Baptism! Yayayay!!!

Glorious Christmastime at Temple Square

Hello Everyone!

Ok I can't remember if I said last week that the week went by fast.. But if I did it was a LIE! Because this week went by SO MUCH FASTER! Kind of scary because I hear that it just keeps going faster and faster!!! So, last Sunday we ALL got to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! We all have seats up front at the big events and so I SAW MATT CLAYTON! Oh brother! (Not in the 'Oh darn' kind of way but the "Hey it's my BROTHER" kind of way!!) It was so great! Wow what an awesome devotional! I even learned some Chinese! Sister Au-Yeung was writing about something so I started copying her Chinese characters and all it meant was "The MoTab is wearing blue pond water color." Not that inspirational... Hahah, but it looked cool in Chinese characters! Then I wrote down in my journal, "I see Matt! I think he's with Jann and his mom and dad. Wow! It's so good to see him! I hope I run into him after. He's sitting right in the center, special treatment VIP section!" hahha Anyways, no I didn't get to see him afterwards...

I hope you all get to read the talks given by the First Presidency about Christmas! They are so good! "Christmas is about CHRIST".  "Gifts He has given us: Immortality. Eternal life!" What is the best gift you can give this year? THE GOSPEL! Share it with non-members! Give us referrals! Hahah ok maybe the last couple sentences are just me talking and not what I heard at the Devotional!

This week has been great! All of our investigators are progressing! We got another BAPTISM! Yayayay!!! And some will be coming soon I think. We are doing great, Temple Square is so fun! I don't have tons of time this week so I will send pictures next week!

Love you all!

xoxo sista jarv xoxo

The most beautiful place in the world!

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