December 12, 2011

"She's a Totally Rockin' Missionary!"

Sister Jarvie and Clark Goldsberry
  One of the most fun parts about having Lauren serve on Temple Square is that we often hear from friends who get a chance to visit with her there. Last night we heard this from Lauren's friend Clark Goldsberry:
"Lauren is doing so well!!! We wandered around Temple Square for about 15 minutes and started to worry that we might have missed her, but then we found her teaching in the visitor's center! She was so bright and vibrant and happy!!! My grandma fell in love with her INSTANTLY, hahaha! She just looked great, and she told me to tell you two hello!!! :) After telling Clark how wonderful it is to hear such a good report, we asked him who she was teaching, and he continued, "It was a family from Brazil! Two little girls in a stroller :) Super cute. They were members, but less active. One of the little girls was saying how she wanted to be a missionary when she grew up, and the parents were holding hands and laughing. Lauren crouched down by the stroller and told the little girl she was going to make a fantastic missionary one day :) She told her that being a missionary is one of the best things in the world. That was the only part of the conversation we heard because we gave her some distance until she finished teaching :) Then we saw each other and I got a big goofy smile on my face and she came over to chat for a few minutes. It was really great. She's a totally rockin' missionary!"

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