December 1, 2011

Missionary Work is the Best!

A visit from old friend Niki Huntsman
 I never came up to Temple Square during Christmas season while I was at BYU...IT'S MADNESS! Ok but, it's totally awesome at the same time! There are so many people here. Like, SO many people. There is a line of people going up to the Christus in the North Visitors Center! And just a constant flow of traffic around the whole square. So now, each 'zone' stays on the square until 10 every other night. So, my 'zone', South 2, has Square one night and Motors the next. Which is SO nice because it's so tiring we'd prolly die. Well not really because it's so fun! Anyways! LAST NIGHT WAS AWESOME! I saw Camille Pond! And some of her friends, like, Natasha Nord's little sister (if you read this I’m so sorry I forgot your name! <3). Then Kyle Heaps! He just got back from his mission a few weeks ago I think? But it was so fun to see them and talk and stuff :) Hermana Jami Pond gets back from her mission in January!! So nuts! Then, I saw Danny Emrich too! He said he was going to send the picture that we took to you Dad! Yay! Last but not LEAST, I saw BEANA!!! OMG so fun! We were able to talk for a few minutes and stuff. She had been trying to track me down for the past two days!! Haha, I had heard about it from everyone else! It was so good to see her.

SO! This week has been awesome with my investigators! There is a man that I got a referral for and I called him almost 2 weeks ago I think and he agreed right away to meet with the missionaries!! So they met with him for the second time last night! I still haven't been able to talk to him about how it went but I think things are going great. His wife is taking the lessons with them. They just sound like the sweetest little Hispanic family, I love them so much. Hopefully the elders committed them to baptism, I'll find out tonight. Then the sweet girl I have been teaching finally met with the missionaries on Tuesday night!!!! Ah! I am so excited. She is the nicest girl ever! I am so SO happy to see youth with such strong testimonies, it's awesome! It reminds me of every single one of my awesome EFY kids this summer!!! We got another baptism this week!!! A sweet lady who moved here from Texas got baptized and confirmed this weekend. She had lost everything she had and didn't even have a phone so our only contact was through email. She is so faithful. We are so excited for her! Ah! Missionary work is the best! Don't be afraid to refer your non member friends to the missionaries! Only good can come out of it. If we hesitate they might end up saying, why didn’t you share this with me sooner?! We have heard stories like that before. It's so true.
Thanksgiving was THE BEST! We were at this place called Noah’s in South Jordan and we just ate and danced and watched movies all day!
So anyone can email me, but I just can't email you back. So if you give me your address in the email, I can write you a letter. Which would be awesome. That means you Lauren Call!
I hope everyone has the best week ever and are so happy and healthy!
I love you all sooooo much!
Sister Jarvie

A visit from BEANA Hathaway too!

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