December 15, 2011

This Week is Going to be Absolutely Insane!

Sister Au-Yeung and Sister Jarvie with Camille Pond

Well, I just sat down here at the computer and opened my email, and it’s hard for me to even think because I have just learned that my best friend in the whole world got her mission call this week!!! We had both been thinking about serving missions this whole year while we were at BYU-Hawaii. And now we will both be serving in Salt Lake City! She is going to serve in the SLC South Mission! Wow! I haven’t heard better news since I got my mission call! But I think I was even more excited for Jess than I was when I opened my mission call! It is something that both of us really need and will help us so much. I am certain that Jess is going to be the best missionary here. I just love it so much! She is too perfect for this. Man! Jess I am so stoked for you, you have NO idea! Congrats, I love you to pieces!
Well, last night was interesting because we decided to try a new 'traffic flow' idea at the Christus in the North Visitor Center. So we stopped people in groups, and told them to get quiet and reverent before taking them up the ramp, and then once they were ready we would send them up there. Once the area around the Christus was full we would play the message, then send them back out. WOW! It was wild. Mostly because when I would stop a group of people on the ramp, I think they thought I was going to make them give me referrals or something because they weren't very nice! Haha, it's so sad that so many members are just so mean to us missionaries! It doesn't make sense! hahah but it is ok! I love them! But ya so I kind of felt like I worked at Disneyland or something last night.
We had an awesome tour on Tuesday! Two older couples from New York and they were so cute! So Italian! They weren't members so it was so fun to talk to them. They are just like the perfect old fashioned values type families, you could tell. I just loved one of the ladies so much! We are going to keep in touch this year because she wants to come back next Christmas.
I can’t really remember what happened Monday because SUNDAY was so amazing!!!!!! CLARK came! He brought his cameras and his sweet grandma! So fun! What a great surprise. I love seeing friends here :) I saw Beana too! All the sisters here love her so much!
WOW! This transfer is over! We start another transfer on Tuesday. So we will be getting all the new missionaries here on Wednesday. Crazy. So I don't know when my Pday will be next week. 
Wait, now I remember what happened Monday. We met Eldred G. Smith. The direct descendant of Hyrum Smith!!! He is turning 105 years old on January 9th. We met him because we were delivering thank you's to people in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. He used to be the Church Patriarch. Super well-known I think? Anyways, he was so cute! And so old! We had to shout to him!
Well, things are moving along out here. My sweet little investigator that is 16 might have to wait until she is 18 to get baptized. So sad! But she is the best. I just love how positive she is all the time.
Only one more week until CHRISTMAS! This week is going to be absolutely insane!
I love all of you so much!
Sister Jarvie

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