December 22, 2011

Love You All and Merry Christmas!!

Lauren Call visits Lauren
2nd transfer already! A lot of things happened this week. On Saturday we heard that a bunch of protesters were going to come to the Square but we had call center that night so we didn't see any. I didn't really hear any stories about it either so I'm not sure if they even came. Sister Au-Yeung was like “Ya if we go up onto the Square we might need to find you another name tag because they always try to attack the Americans and if you aren't from here you can pretend like you don't understand!” haha But nothing really happened. On Monday we had our transfer conference! So we all had to get to the Square really early. First we all walked over to the Conference Center and took pictures. It was so fun because all the Christmas decorations were up, it looked so beautiful! We had to say goodbye to all the Sisters who were finished with their missions :( It was so sad! I think there were about 30 of them standing up on stage and they each told us one of the most important things they've learned on their missions. Then they sang 'Called to Serve!' And at Temple Square we have a really great version for the last verse. I was so surprised to hear it, I can't remember what it is though, just something about all the different countries we represent. We do this every 6 weeks though, so I'm sure I will have it memorized by the end. We got word on Monday that we were going to be driving sisters to the airport the next morning. So we took Sister Harmer, Sister Pielstick and Sister Hirt at 5am to the airport! Sister Pielstick was Sister Au-Yeung's trainer so technically we call her my 'grandma' haha. So that was a crazy day of driving sisters to the airport and helping them pack too! When we got back Sister Mettra was getting ready to leave. haha And we got locked out of our apartment for a while so we helped her get ready too. Don't worry Jenna, I will send home the boxes soon! :) We were SO tired all day it was crazy! And the Sisters that were returning from outbound were coming back too! There was just a constant screaming all day -- it was so fun! But I didn't know any of them so... haha But in the next 2 transfers I will because we sent some out!! Yesterday was the funniest day ever OMG. So Sister Au-Yeung and I were assigned to pick up all the pizzas from Little Ceaser's for the NEW sisters arriving from the MTC... We were told to get there at 10am! So we got there and they don't open until 10:30, so we called them while we were parked outside and the lady answered the phone and said the order wasn't supposed to be picked up until 11! haha So we just got breakfast at Alberto's then came back and got the pizzas. So we packed 20 steaming (literally) pizzas into the back of our little Mazda and took off. We heard some of the pizzas kind of shift around back there but we didn't really think anything of it. When we got to the Square there were 3 pizzas that were just totally ruined!! One of the pizzas in the box was broken in half and upside down?! We were like what the heck? How did that even happen? haha So pretty much two of the pizzas couldn't be salvaged. But we took them over anyways. We never knew how heavy 20 pizzas would be. I could only carry 10 and Sister Au-Yeung could only carry 3 haha But then! We met President Miller!! He is the Mission President of the Salt Lake City South Mission!!!! He is going to be Jess' mission prez! So I told him all about her while he was helping us carry all the pizza to the South Visitors Center. He is so cool! Jess you are going to LOVE HIM!!!! He is from Huntington Beach and was on the Stake Presidency when they split the singles ward there into Pierside and Seacliff. So random. He was so rad. Anyways, so we got all the pizzas there and that was the end of it. Sister Au-Yeung and I got an assignment this transfer to be the Announcing Coordinators. Every week after Music and the Spoken Word, sisters that speak different languages stand outside the Conference Center or Tabernacle and announce that they can take you on a tour in the language you speak. So every Sunday we will be there to hear them announce that in all the languages, I am so excited it will be fun! Isn’t it great that right after Music and the Spoken Word, when the spirit is so strong, anyone can hear the gospel immediately in their own language!
I hope everyone is home safe for Christmas time and are enjoying time with family and friends!
We get a little break this weekend and I am so excited to talk to Mom and Dad! Yayayaya

Love you all and Merry Christmas!
Sister Jarvie

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