November 4, 2011

I Only Have 5 More Days in the MTC!!

Sister Jarvie and her trainer, Brianna Hobbins
November 4, 2011
I know it has only been a few days but like I had explained, I get two pdays this week! It is nice because I don't have to do any laundry today haha I just get to go to the temple!
So, I start Visitors Center training on Wednesday. It is awesome!!!!! I cannot express how much I love it.. Especially since on the first night we did "Chat Training" and BRIANNA HOBBINS is my teacher! If you're reading this right now, I love you! haha So, in class we were able to do some role playing, meaning we talk to each other as if one were the missionary and the other the investigator. We had to say, "welcome to Temple Square" and stuff like that. Then we had to practice sharing the first message of the Restoration in 5 minutes... We can't say the whole thing though. We have to learn how to discern what the investigator wants to hear. It is easier when we do a "tour" because we have more time at the beginning to get to know them a little. Last night we had TRC (Training Resource Center) and we set up a big room with pictures all over the walls. Then we met a visitor and showed them around and explained some principles that were depicted in the paintings. At the end we showed the Christus presentation. It was pretty cool, I haven't seen that for years!
Another great thing that happened yesterday is that we had more chat training. So at times during my mission we will be in a room full of computers waiting to talk to people who come online to chat through So they come on and ask us questions about the church and stuff. We talked to a real person yesterday!!! We were so excited. Its funny because it will be a group chat with my companion and I, AND the investigator. We have to communicate what we want to say to the person and stuff. Its really interesting. People are always online wanting to talk to missionaries.
So Brianna brought us Jamba Juice yesterday! OMG it was SO GOOD!!! The food here can get old at times, so it was really nice to have a fruit smoothie! YUM. She is the best. I hope I can be as good of a missionary as she was at Temple Square. That is my goal for sure!
We have our Temple Square Experience tomorrow! So in the afternoon we hop on a bus and drive up to SLC. Each of us will be paired up with a temple square sister missionary. And we will be actual missionaries! I am excited and nervous! So we will be able to talk to people and maybe even conduct tours?! I don't really know yet. I think they will tell us more tomorrow.
I have  5 days left here!!! It went by so fast! If you're going to send me a letter on Monday I think you should use my SLC address?
Thank so much to everyone that has been supporting me and sending me some LOVE!
LOVE you all so much!
Sister Jarvie

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