November 1, 2011

I am so so so Grateful I Have This Opportunity to Serve the Lord

 Hello family and friends!

What an awesome week!! I saw so many people this week. I saw Matt Clayton, Stevo and Lee! They all teach here! And I saw Landon Ball who is now engaged to Lauren Porter?! Wooo!! Congrats you two! :) On Sunday we were walking back from the temple and CLARK got out of his car right by me!! OMG! I was so happy! It was so so good to see him! Then right after Rique pulled up too! So I was able to talk with them for a little while and take pictures. Clark took some with his Polaroid but they didn't turn out right away...GOOD news though Clark, it DID indeed turn out! So now I have a really awesome picture of us! I have also seen Jake Adams, who works here. I told him to send a picture of me to Lauren Call. Lauren Call write meeee!

Well this has been a good week. I really have been trying to learn the scriptures like the back of my hand. It is hard! Pay attention in seminary! Our elders left yesterday morning so we have been able to have some one on one time with our teachers. I had the most incredible experience last night in Sister Christensen’s class. We were able to talk to her about things we had questions about. We ended up talking about our human bodies and having hope. Hope is something that I am really focusing on here in the MTC. We listened to the most incredible talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf!!! SO so good! I can't remember what it is called right now but it was great. It really pointed out that we need faith, hope and charity. And it is so true. I have been focusing on the Christlike attributes section of Preach My Gospel (I LOVE PMG) and it has been so helpful to go through and mark the scriptures that are about those attributes so that I can try to apply them to my life. This has been a wild experience. You get torn down, and then built back up. But that is just the way HF planned it for all of us, in ANY hard time we go through. I am so so so grateful I have this opportunity to serve the Lord. I wish that the youth understood just HOW great of an opportunity this is... EFY kids!!! YOU MUST serve a mission! Especially those who have the desire to serve are called to the work!

I miss all of you and I love you so much!!
Thank you for all of the love and support!

LOVE, Sister Jarvie

ps- I start Visitors Center training on Wednesday and so I get another PDAY on Friday!

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