November 10, 2011

Yesterday Was My First Day on The Square!

Yesterday was my first day on the square! We weren't there for very long before all the new sisters got to go the WALMART to go shopping for groceries. So for this transfer my new official Pday is on Thursday from 1pm until we go back to our apartment. My companion is Sister Au-Yeung from Hong Kong, China! She went to BYU Hawaii too and we share a lot of common friends there, but I had never met her!  She is so great. She will be my trainer for the next 2 transfers (12 weeks). I am excited because she is so sweet and I have so much to learn from her. Everyone here loves her too so I know that we will have fun together. She speaks 4 languages I think!! Cantonese, Manderin Chinese, Japanese and English! So apparently we will be giving tours in all of those languages when needed! Well.....SHE will be giving the tours, I will probably just stand and smile! haha But it is rare in the winter time to have a big group come and need a tour in a different language.
We spend half our day walking around on the Square and the other half in what is called "motors". That is when we are making or receiving calls or on chat. We will spend a lot of time calling the referrals that we get while on the square. We are able to follow up with people, teach them the lessons and commit them to baptism before we send the local missionaries to them. We can call anywhere in the world except China and Middle East. It is great with so many international sisters here, it makes calling different countries so much easier.
All of the sisters here are so friendly! I am so glad that I was called here to serve my mission! I was able to talk to Sister Jenna Mettra a lot yesterday. This is her last transfer which is so sad but she has served a GREAT mission and made such a huge impact on peoples lives.
We are getting cell phones tomorrow! So we won’t have to be using pagers anymore. That will be nice. It is probably just one per companionship, pretty cool! Also we can only email family! So make sure that you have my correct address if you want to send me Dear Elder letters or actual mail:
Sister Lauren Jarvie
Utah Temple Square Mission
50 N. West Temple St. Rm. BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 81450-1891 
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get mail so Pleeeease don't forget about me :) I know you must be sick of hearing from me because I have had 3 Pdays in the past weekish! Hahah Sorry bout it! There will be A LOT more to share next week!

Sister Lauren Jarvie


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