November 26, 2012

Have You Ever Tried TurDuckEn?

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Thanksgiving was great! I hope everyone had a great day too. We were super busy. Sister Nawrocki wanted me to do her make up in the morning and then we hurried to our breakfast appointment (9AM). It was so good! After breakfast we went to go help out at the Bishops house for their big meal (11:30AM). She gave us some food and pie. Then we went to go have dinner at a members house in the French Creek ward (2:30PM). They had THREE different turkeys! One regular, another deep fried, and the last was a TurDuckEn! Has anyone ever heard of this because I haven't! It's a chicken, inside of a duck, inside of a turkey! I didn't try it though haha. They were the same family who fed us ELK meat a couple weeks ago! It was all so good though. So my favorite thing about Thanksgiving has always been that out of the box stuffing that normal people probably think is super gross, but I love it! Anyways, EVERYTHING we eat here in Parker is homemade! I'm like, so you really put pieces of shredded bread and stuff inside of the turkey to bake it??? Hahah so crazy! Also, we got to see them actually deep fry a turkey!! The only time I’ve ever seen this was on the news and the peoples house end up burning down. It worked though! We ended up being there and eating for a while so we went home to lie down for an hour before our next stop. We went to another family’s house to watch Brave (6PM). We helped them clean up and put their living room back together before we started the movie. I wasn't super into the movie I don't think I’d watch it again but it was fun to be there with their family! We got home around 9:30PM. Such a long day but it was super fun!

We taught some great lessons this week. I am starting to feel better about the work here. It has been difficult with Sister Nawrocki being sick though. She decided to go home on February 7th. That will be good for her because she needs to figure out what's wrong and get healthy! I pray for her always!

Well recently, thanks to one of our investigators I have really gotten into the Gospel Principles book! That book is awesome. I'm really lucky to be able to have one here and study that because there are so many great scriptures from the Bible that reference what we are teaching them.

This week in Relief Society we discussed a talk given at the April 2012 General Conference called "Converted to His Gospel through His Church" by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom. It is so good. Check it out!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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