August 10, 2012

The Busy Summer Rolls On!

I am so happy to hear from home that all the stake youth were happy and safe on the Trek this time! I’ve heard nothing but great things from my EFY kids who went!! They did so many fun things and it sounds like all the leaders were so mellow this time! That can bring such a strong spirit and allow testimonies to really grow! I am so sensitive to the teenagers and their tender testimonies now after working at EFY and talking to them here on Temple Square. I would love to try a trek again sometime. I really have so much respect for the pioneers! We read and tell their stories all the time. What an incredible sacrifice. Wow. Whenever I think about them I am truly humbled by what they have done for us.  I especially love this statement by President Heber J. Grant, when he was dedicating the cemetery at Winter Quarters: "It has been referred to as the tragedy of Winter Quarters, but there was no tragedy here, for tragedy spells defeat and disaster. This was the victory of Winter Quarters, for here was faith and hope and charity raised to their loftiest pinnacles, while greed and selfishness were brought low. There are times and places in the life of every nation when great spiritual heights are reached, when courage becomes a living thing, when faith in God stands as the granite mountain wall firm and immovable, while hardships, want, hunger, sickness, sorrow and death beat down to crush. Winter Quarters was such a time and place for the Mormon people."  Yes, I love the pioneers...
 I’m sorry but this is all I have to say haha I am sitting here trying to think of what happened this week. Our investigators are advancing nicely, and we are so busy on the square with tons of tourists!! Every day is something new and exciting! Everything is rolling forward and it always will be, because we are engaged in the work of building the kingdom of God! I am so happy that I am here and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else right now.
Sister Jarves

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