April 12, 2012

"It's Joseph Smith. John Smith Was in Pocahontas"

Well there goes week four of this transfer. I am welcoming week five with open arms. This transfer is almost over! Whew! I made it.

On Tuesday we got to go to another baptism! We had taken a "Sisters Tour" a week ago from the SLC South mission. They brought their investigator and her family too. Her husband had been inactive for many years but now they are married and have kids so they wanted to come back. It was so great! She was so happy to get baptized by her husband! And one of the kids was old enough to get baptized too. So fun.

I just love President Gillette. Since I'm in Fleet this transfer we see him frequently. All of the cars at Temple Square have special names and he really wanted his car to be named POTUS. And then he told us the story behind it. It is short for President of the United States haha

Saturday we were on exchanges for about the whole day. First I was with the Zone leader Sister Barraza (Spain). We took a tour with a couple of Mennonites? I didn’t even know what that was before but the two ladies were wearing something on their head. Anyways, they were pretty cool actually. We had taken them all around and ended up at the Christus. We invited them to learn more from missionaries and they didn't accept. They wanted to think about it. If it had just been the mom I think she would have, but the daughter was preaching to us the whole time. The mom seemed super prepared. So we gave a super short testimony of the Book of Mormon and then I gave her mine. She reached her hand out right away. I asked her if she would read that book and she said that she would. I know she will. It was the Book of Mormon that President Holmes gave us at Christmas and told us to go through and mark with a red pencil every reference to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. The goal was to have it finished by Easter. I had finished in January so it was all marked for her. And I was able to give her MY Book of Mormon the day before Easter! Cool.

THEN!!!! We did MTC contacting. The visitor’s center sisters in the MTC come to Temple Square just before they go out to their mission. So I had Sister Streeter. She is so cute. She’s going to Nauvoo. Well, I was helping her practice contacting people and just at the end of the night we ran into this cute Hispanic family. I started talking to them and then told them about the presentation “God's Plan for His Family.” They wanted to see it but the two little girls wanted to go downstairs first. So we took them down there and I was talking to the dad. He said he never really read the Bible and then for whatever reason I asked him if he's ever read the Book of Mormon and he said Yes! Woah. Really? “Yes, I am a member of the Church but have been inactive my whole life. Now that I have a wife and two little girls I want to come back.” He started tearing up. Can you help me find missionaries? YES OF COURSE I CAN! OMG. Wow, I just love that family so much. So then we took them up to see the Christus and then the film. When it was over I asked the mom, “What would it mean to you if you could be with your family forever?” And she said “It would mean everything to me.” Then I invited them for missionaries and they accepted! So I will also be able to call them and teach them too. And hopefully the missionaries get to them quick! They are here in Salt Lake. So incredible.

Yesterday was sweet! Not just because it was Easter but I met two awesome people on the Square! One was from Brazil and is now a scientist in London. He wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon! So he referred to have missionaries come teach him in London!!! Then 5 minutes later we ran into some guys at the Flag Pole. We started chatting with them. They had just moved here for some construction project. One of the guys was super funny so I focused on him. And he was super curious about the Church, in a good way. He wanted to know the story of "John Smith". We had a good relationship by then so I joked, “That’s Joseph Smith. John Smith was in Pocahontas but it’s ok!” Hahah He got a good laugh out of that one. Anyway, so I helped him understand and he referred for missionaries! Yes! What an incredible weekend that was!!! I don’t know why the Lord blessed me to come in contact with such prepared people last weekend. I sure am thankful for it though!

Today was good. We went to the temple then had a Zone meeting. Then had to do tons of errands for President and his car. Then we had a zone activity! We hiked Ensign Peak! It was so fun! I am so glad the weather is warm now!

Love you all!

Have a good week
xoxoxoxo Sister Jarvie

Mission Conference in the Tabernacle

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