February 2, 2012

Walk Forward In Faith!

I'll miss Sister Au-Yeung so much!
Well, this has been a really hard past few days. We had transfer conference on Monday so we found out what everyone will be doing this transfer! I am now in a different zone that covers the Beehive House! So I will be at the Beehive House every day, I think. I will get to know it very well. My new companion is Sister Mauga from Samoa! She is so nice and I am really excited for this transfer! The past 6 weeks have gone by so fast, honestly. I feel like Sister Mettra JUST left, and now all the next class of sisters have gone too.

I had a few miracle inbound calls this week. Some people are just so ready to hear the gospel it's awesome! We had a couple good tours this week too. We met with one guy who used to be a 7th Day Adventist but now he's atheist. So sad! Sister Au-Yeung had told me a really good story a couple weeks ago that I was able to share. We were talking about how God is looking out for him and that he came to Temple Square for a reason. Anyways, the story we shared with him goes like this:

There was a guy who lived in his house all by himself. One day, the town he lived in got totally flooded so he had to sit on his roof so he wouldn't drown. He was praying so hard that God would save him. So he kept praying with so much faith. A few minutes later this boat comes by and the guy inside says "Hey, want a ride? We’re going to the shore!". The man says, "No, I am waiting for God to save me". So the boat leaves and he just keeps praying with all his might, knowing that God will save him from drowning in this awful flood! Again, another boat comes by and asks the man if he wants a ride. But he says, "No, I am waiting for God to save me". And so that boat took off. This man died in the flood and when he gets to Heaven he asks God, "Why didn't you save me? I was praying to you and I had so much faith!" God tells this man, "I sent you two boats...And you didn't take either of them".

I love this story because it tells us that God answers our prayers in His own way. Not our way, and not always how we expect them to be answered. Be careful that you are not turning away God's answer to your prayers; walk forward in faith!

I told this guy that God was sending him a boat, the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The best part is that the whole time, he was like "Oh that guy is a fool!” And after we explained the whole story, Sister Au-Yeung said, "We don't want you to be that fool!" hahahaha So so funny!
Anyways, good week. I can’t believe this is my 3rd transfer.


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