October 2, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Conference??

Exploring the Tabernacle
The Tabernacle Organ
We are getting excited for General Conference! Only a few more days until it starts and it will be so busy here! And I cannot believe that it is October already! It seems like it was just April Conference!
Well last week was so much fun! On Thursday we had a Pipe Organ tour of the Tabernacle and the Conference Center! It was so cool, we got to go inside the organ and walk around the pipes and learn about how things work! It was really interesting to see all of that, especially since I will probably never get that opportunity again. I even got to sit at the organ and pretend I was playing!
Last week we had our zone activity. We went bowling at President Seppi’s Country Club and then back to his house to watch Beauty and the Beast! While we were there I did Sister Shamanga's makeup. She is from Zambia; it was so much fun! She is going home next week so I gave her some of my stuff to take back with her! I really will miss her. I have also been helping her twist her hair and think I might move to Zambia and work in the salon doing cool stuff to hair haha just kidding. I will visit though!
Saturday we all got to go to the Relief Society General Broadcast! It was great! On the way in there were "Relief Society" ladies handing out little packs of tissues to everyone crossing the street going into the meeting. It was so sweet! Just in case we would cry!! So then other people were warning us that there is ANTI MORMON stuff packed INSIDE OF THE TISSUES! Hahahaha wow! The work these people go through in order to "shake our testimony". It actually is very sad and pathetic that they would spend so much time and money to do this whole thing! Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing... The best part is that the scripture the anti's used on their card "Come unto me all that are burdened and heavy laden"...was the SAME SCRIPTURE someone in the Relief Society presidency used in her talk!! It was awesome!
Anyways great week! There will be more to say next week I’m sure! I’m wondering if I’ll go outbound next Wednesday.  We will have a mission conference Sunday after General Conference and that’s when I’ll find out. Only four transfers left on my mission, can you believe it? 
Sister Jarvie!
Enjoy General Conference!
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