November 25, 2011

I LOVE Being A Missionary!

Final Days at the MTC

Today is Thanksgiving and the whole mission has the day off so we're going to have a big event somewhere!  It’s kind of a big secret so I have no idea what we're going to do! 

We met a lot of people who are kind of against the church this week. I was writing a letter to JESS today and I was telling her that it really helps me strengthen my testimony when it is challenged by nonbelievers, if that makes sense. And I got asked a few pretty hard questions this week too. Two people had the perception that women don't have an important role within the church, and wondered if we think women have the same ability to have a relationship with God as men do... So interesting! So, it was really neat how I seemed to be able to give an inspired response to those questions. Man, it really took it out of me! haha! But I LOVE being a missionary! There are so many things that I am beginning to realize are blessings from serving the Lord. I don't think I would be able to remember answers to these questions people ask me if it weren't for the extra help I am getting. It's wild!
This week went by really fast! I am trying to remember what even happened. Well, last week I got food and so I was able to cook for the whole week! I am going to have to start doing that a lot because we start our Christmas schedule tomorrow and it's going to be SO busy here! I passed off on my driving test! So that means I can take a car (minivan) on PDAYS!! And I can drive people to the doctors during the week if one of the sisters needs. So Yesterday I took my friend Sister Gheirske to the dr and then we stopped at The Sweet Tooth Fairy on the way back (hush hush), which was totally on the way! haha! I left a note for Meg and Eth there so I hope they got it!!! 
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for all of you and I love you so much!!!
Sister Jarvie
Sister Jarvie and Sister Lindsay Wright, who will serve in New Jersey

Sister Jarvie and Sister Knutson, who will serve in Thailand

Sister Jarvie and Sister Carter, a fellow Temple Square Missionary

Eating dinner at the Lion House on Temple Square

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